Champ Bailey wants more “security” in contract proposal

The Broncos and cornerback Champ Bailey are talking again.  That’s the good news for Broncos fans.

The bad news is that Bailey isn’t particularly happy with Denver’s latest proposal.  A source “close to the negotiation” talked to Josina Anderson of FOX31 Sports in Denver about where the two sides are:

“The Broncos’ negotiating posture has not changed in any respect from the offer that was made back in October which provided only limited guarantees.  The money represents nothing more than a commitment to the player for just the upcoming season only, which Bailey would be highly unlikely to accept in its current form on the brink of  free agency given the lack of security provided beyond the first year of the contract,” the source said.

We mentioned this morning why Bailey’s contract is particularly tricky.  It’s also a tricky time to sign a player.  The reality is that players may have to take a little less to sign in February than they would ultimately get after a new CBA is worked out.

Bailey should already have enough money for his family to live off for generations.  He doesn’t need to be in a rush.

UPDATE: Bailey has put his house on the market.  That’s probably not a great sign.