Shaun Rogers’ next stop: New Orleans

The Shaun Rogers free agency tour is headed to the Bayou.

According to Rogers’ Twitter account, the free agent defensive tackle will visit the Saints.  Rogers wrapped up a trip in Kansas City that included dinner with Chiefs coaches Romeo Crennel and Anthony Pleasant.  Rogers played under Crennel in Cleveland.

Rogers thanked Kansas City for his brief stay, but said he might be back one day.  Rogers has also visited the Redskins, and is reportedly determined to finally play for a winner after ten straight losing seasons as a pro.

Then again, Rogers also said it would be a “fairly tale” to play for the Texans because he grew up in Houston.   So previous playoff appearances won’t be a requirement to sign Rogers.

14 responses to “Shaun Rogers’ next stop: New Orleans

  1. another day, possibly another dollar, running outta teams Shaun!!!

    then again players like Sam Shields visited 8 teams after the draft and eventually was signed by the team that worked him out first, the Packers.

    and yet then again, Shaun Rodgers aint Sam Shields…

  2. Rogers wasn’t happy about switching to a 3-4 defense either in Cleveland so the Saints are probably the best place for him. Even Wade Philips 3-4 would allow him to do what he likes which is shoot a gap.

  3. Sometimes dreams, including ones that entail playing for winning teams, come true, as we have learned from fairly tales.

  4. The Saints line would really benefit from his skill set. Yes, he has had his lazy streak, attitude, etc….but he’s not Haynesworth, Johnso-cinco or TO on the drama meter.

    Saits are his best chance to play on a winning team – even though the Chiefs were very good this year (against mostly bad teams).

    I think the Texans would be very intriguing – he can play the 3-4 nose spot – would Mario Williams stay down as a DE or be a pass rushing OLB? Wade Phillips is one of the better 3-4 Defesive coordinators in the game. Rogers would thrive in his system.

  5. I cannot believe the number of teams that are looking to add this lazy POS to the middle of their D-line.

    Doesn’t anybody employ scouts anymore? Hell, just check out his stats…

    The dude is a slug.

  6. If and thats a big if he plays as he can, The Eagles are for him…..THEY WIN EVERY YEAR. Now can coach Washburn get him to play at his best. Think the Eagles would like a rush up the middle?

  7. cconway25 says:
    Feb 16, 2011 11:41 AM
    I feel bad for Romeo and his wallet, that guy can eat!
    That’s why he hasn’t signed with any of the teams so far, they can’t afford to offer a contract after they”wine and dine him”. The China buffets in Cleveland just started opening their doors again since Big Baby left town, no profit to be made when that dude walks into an all u can eat joint.

  8. He might be good for the Saints defense. He’ll also be good for the local restaurants. New Orleans has the best food in America, and I’m sure he’ll take advantage of that.

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