Elway: Champ Bailey is an “important priority”

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On Wednesday, we passed along a report that cornerback Champ Bailey’s house is for sale in Denver.

On Thursday, Broncos executive John Elway responded.  In a series of tweets, Elway said Bailey was important to bring back.

“We’ve been working with Champ Bailey’s representative this week on a new contract, which is an important priority for us,” Elway wrote.  “Our conversations have been constructive, and we’ll continue those talks in the hopes that we can reach an agreement. Champ’s an elite player who means a great deal to our entire organization and our fans. We want Champ to finish his Hall of Fame career as a Denver Bronco.”

Bailey and the Broncos were close at one point to a four-year, $40 million extension, according to the Denver Post.   Bailey reportedly felt the team’s latest offer didn’t offer him “security” beyond the first year of the deal.

Elway’s tenure in Denver is based around transparency, so we take him at his word here.   At this point, the team has positioned things in such a way it will be viewed as a failure if Bailey leaves.

It sure sounds like Bailey is going to get a huge offer from the Broncos before a possible work stoppage, which would be very popular with Broncos ticket buyers.

14 responses to “Elway: Champ Bailey is an “important priority”

  1. “We’ve been working with Champ Bailey’s representative this week on a new contract, which is an IMPORTANT PRIORITY for us,” Elway wrote.


    You ever meet one that wasn’t?

  2. The Broncos seem to be in the early stages of rebuilding.. I don’t see why Champ would want to stay nor do I see why they would want to keep him. Unless he plays an important role in mentoring young cornerbacks (Charles Woodson).

  3. When Bailey is healthy, he clearly still has “it.” You never know how long he’ll be able to stick at CB, but he seems like a guy that could make the transition to FS eventually.

    What’s he worth given the uncertainty of the cap? It’s kinda strange that some teams are trying to get deals done, not knowing what the cap will eventually be. If the owners are trying to recoup $1 billion out of all this (and probably “compromising” for less), can’t imagine the cap doing anything but going down from the previously capped levels (whatever that was).

    Maybe Undead Al is telegraphing that it won’t be too far off from what it was before it went uncapped, judging by the amount of moolah he dished out to Seymour. We’ll see.

  4. wow 4 year for 40 seems high for a guy his age. I can see why they don’t want to gurantee more than 1 year of his salary.

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