League, union say they won’t talk about mediation process

On the first day of what could be seven days, or eventually plenty more, of mediation under the leadership of George H. Cohen, the NFL and the players’ union have something to say.

They’re saying that they won’t be saying anything.

“George Cohen, director of the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service, has requested & both sides have agreed that the NFLPA & NFL refrain from making any public comments about any aspect of the mediation process.  The process began today under the direction of Mr. Cohen,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in a joint statement of the league and the NFLPA.

We’ve heard this before from the two sides.  And not long after they decided not to talk about their negotiations, both sides were talking about their negotiations.

The difference this time is that, if there are any leaks, they’ll have to answer to Cohen.  Then again, Cohen can’t really do anything about it.  For mediation used in civil litigation, the ability of the mediator to complain to the judge keeps the two sides in line.  In this instance, Cohen has no one to whom he can turn if either side disregards his preferences and/or acts like jerks.

6 responses to “League, union say they won’t talk about mediation process

  1. Sure he can.

    He can withdraw and they can start all over with a
    new moderator.

    Or he can set new rules to continue, with penalties, without which he withdraws.

  2. They all skipped to Cabo San Lucas for a couple of weeks. Weather is crappy at this time of year for most, and they’re as sick of this CBA crap as the rest of us. They sent a case of reasonably good wine to Cohen to buy his co-operation in the matter, and promised some better stuff when they get back.

  3. “League, union say they won’t talk about mediation process”…


    And why not? They’ve blabbered their mouths off about everything else thus far!

  4. Yeah but what are the odds that any of the parties involved will disagree, and,or act like jerks………..

    Very likely____
    It is a given___

  5. You mean there’s nobody for him to complain to, yet.

    If there ever is an intervention of the lockout by congress either side could easily point to him as a witness of the other sides intent to cooperate, or possibly the lack there of. This move was most likely a small win for the union, since the owners seem to be the obvious aggressors according the reports I have read here at PFT.

    Here’s a riddle for the league though:

    How many free agents does it take to make the UFL incredibly more popular.

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