Rob Ryan says Cowboys will have a great defense

Given the propensity of Jets coach Rex Ryan to boast, it should be no surprise that his identical twin brother talks big, too.

We’re going to be a great defense,” Rob Ryan said Thursday regarding his team team in Dallas, according to the Associated Press. “If I never said that, if I didn’t believe that, then you’ve got the wrong guy.  But the right guy is standing here in front of you. . . .  It’s going to be great. The proof is in the pudding.  Anybody can talk the talk, but I can walk it.”

But Ryan will defer to coach Jason Garrett.  Or at least Ryan says he will.

“We are going to have a defense the way he wants,” Ryan said.  “He hired me to run the defense and not give out public speaking deals.  I will be ready to go.  I will be a strength, not a liability.”

Even though the Cowboys struggled last year, Ryan thinks they can turn it around quickly.

“This league is hard and the ball doesn’t always bounce your way,” Ryan said.  “That doesn’t mean we can’t come back from it and have one of the best units this year.  That’s what we’re going to have.”

Unfortunately for Rob Ryan, it won’t be good enough to win the Super Bowl.  Rex already has claimed dibs on that accomplishment on behalf of the Jets.