Coaches Association expects layoffs if there is a lockout

A work stoppage could cost NFL players money in the short term.  It could cost teams money in sponsorships and ticket renewals that they never get back.

It could also cost some assistant coaches their jobs.

NFL Coaches Association’s executive director Larry Kennan told Alex Marvez of that he expects layoffs almost immediately in the event of a lockout.

“The day after the lockout, I’m guessing there will be a significant number of coaches terminated,” Kennan said.

Kennan rightly points out that coaches will be somewhat forgotten victims in a potential lockout. Many coaches that keep their jobs will take big paycuts.

“Everybody’s writing about the players and the owners. That’s a major deal,” Kennan said. “But the players get paid during the season. If there’s a work stoppage in March, it doesn’t really affect the players. But it does affect the coaches. It affects us a whole lot more in March and April.”

These types of issues are why Kennan has raised the possibility of coaches unionizing.  He indicated to Marvez, however, he first plans to meet with owners after a new CBA is worked out in order to seek the changes his coaches desire.

12 responses to “Coaches Association expects layoffs if there is a lockout

  1. Some coaches should be laid off.
    There are way toooooo many coaches on a staff now anyway.
    Head coach
    Assistant head coach
    Offensive Coordinator
    RB coach
    WR coach
    TE coach
    QB coach
    OL coach
    Strenth & Conditioning coach
    Quality coach
    Defensive coordinator
    DL coach
    LB coach
    Secondary coach
    DL assistant
    Special teams coach
    4-5 others I cant think of

    And if you are the Cowboys or Redskins you can count their “brilliant” owners as part of the coaching staff as well.

    Too many damn coaches on the staff, that many isn’t needed. Just look at the Panthers, 49ers, Bills,Titans,Broncos,and Cardinals

  2. Just what we need, another union related to the NFL.

    What we have now:
    The owners can have a lockout.
    The players can strike.

    The coaches unionize, can then strike.
    Referees unionize, can then strike.

    Will we ever have football again?

    What’s next, the cameramen with the networks?

    Might just as well get rid of the NFL now and start over.

  3. Coaches have always been treated the worst in regards to relationships with owners. The only thing they have in their back pocket is guaranteed contracts. I am sure many will have paycuts in the area of at least 25% if a lock-out occurs. There is a coaches association, and it has done good work in the last 10 years regarding coaches’ retirement and spousal support after a coach passes away. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the association can do if a lock-out occurs, except wait it out.

  4. arrogantathlete says:
    Feb 20, 2011 11:03 AM
    cry me a river. They get paid pretty good for coaching million dollar babies. Remember they coach a game while most people have to bust their hump for 40k a year.


    I hate idiots like this. They don’t like their working conditions so they aspire to have everyone else have poor working conditions too. Maybe that’s why most people have to “bust their hump for 40k a year.” They simply lie down and take it from owners who are taking increasingly larger shares of revenues all while claiming that they aren’t making enough money.

  5. …who cares if they get a 25% pay cut if there’s a lockout? It’ll be like getting paid a fraction of your salary for a non-work day. He’ll I’d take 75% of my pay for a few months off and doing nothing.

    Everybody had known this lockout has been coming…

    Plus a number of marginal coaches retained their jobs BECAUSE of the looming lockout.

  6. Duh, it’s called a lockout.

    I’m sure the hot dog & beer vendors will be laid off, too. How about the parking attendants and ticket sales people? Janitors? Doormen?

    It’s called a freaking LOCKOUT, and has been talked about for over a year!

  7. What about the 1000’s of people that work for the teams that don’t make $100+ salaries? People who work paycheck to paycheck. That a 25% pay cut would be devastating to their families. The regular employee can’t unionize. They would be fire if the thought of a union entered their head.

  8. “…who cares if they get a 25% pay cut if there’s a lockout? It’ll be like getting paid a fraction of your salary for a non-work day. He’ll I’d take 75% of my pay for a few months off and doing nothing.”

    So you could live on 75% of your income now and still maintain the lifestyle you have now? You actually save or invest 25% of your income and not spend it on something?

    This is a ridiculous statement…say you make $100k a year, now all of the sudden someone takes $25k, that’s over $2k a month. If you don’t have $2k left over and in the bank at the end of each month then you have to adjust something or get a 2nd job. 25% is a big paycut and one that most ppl wouldn’t be able to take without alter their life A LOT.

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