Don’t tell Mike Munchak the Titans are rebuilding

New Titans coach Mike Munchak is taking over a 6-10 team that has given up on its franchise quarterback. But he says that doesn’t make the Titans a rebuilding team.

Our team, it is not rebuilding,” Munchak said Saturday. “We were 5-3 last year at the halfway point. We are not happy how it ended up, but we were as good as anybody the first part of the season.”

Actually, the Titans weren’t really as good as anybody the first part of the season: When they were 5-3, our Week Nine power rankings had them as the 12th-best team in the league.

But Munchak insists that what the Titans showed over the first half of 2010 is enough to suggest that they can be a good team for all of 2011.

“We are not sitting here saying because we have a new head coach, or because we were 6-10 last year we are expecting this to be an off year. We are expecting good things,” Munchak said. “I am not going to predict what we may or may not do, but I guarantee we are going to be fun to watch and we are going to bring excitement back on Sunday afternoon and our goal is obviously to win, and win now.”

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  1. He’s right. They can be competitive in that division. The Colts are on the decline. The Jags will always finish between 6-10 and 9-7. And who knows what you will get out of the Texans?

    As long as CJ2K and Britt perform they way they are capable of, they have a shot to win that division. Vince Young is not what I would call a HUGE loss.

  2. Al Davis forced JaMarcus Russell on Lane Kiffin and he lost his job because of it (combined with some other issues, but it started with Russell). Bud Adams forced Vince Young on Jeff Fisher and he lost his job because of it.

    Thankfully for Jeff Fisher and the Titans, Fisher ensured the team had plenty of young talent combined with key players like RB Chris Johnson, LT Michael Roos, TE Bo Scaife, MLB Stephen Tulloch, FS Michael Griffin, among a slew of other team players who play well for the team.

    Munchak is going to get a new QB and win because of Fisher. Fisher built the foundation, Munchak is going to build upon on it and do quite well.

  3. Fisher built the foundation?? Really? That foundation of defenses that was below the league average in yards and points for the last decade? The foundation of skill players who were consistently underdeveloped? On top of that, 2 of the players you listed in your “foundation” will likely be gone next season (Tulloch and Scaife). I’m just dumb-founded how some people will not see Fisher for what he was – a mediocre head coach who became stale, stubborn, and let his ego get in the way of doing what was best for the team. But I guess it is easier just to blame the Vince Young situation for all of the Titans problems – might as well give Fisher one last free pass on his way out the door – he sure got plenty in 17 years with the organization.

  4. I wish I had some of Fisher’s Kool-Aid. Then I could be called great even though I only produced six times in sixteen seasons. I could also have enough power and job security to bring in my buddies and keep them in their positions for years, even though their production levels were horrible. And finally, when I leave because my ego decided to extend my assistant coaches for another year without telling the General Manager, VP of Operations, or anyone in the front office, people will still talk about how big of a loss I was to the organization, even though I left it in disarray. Because, I’m “great” and everything.

  5. Where do people go to get so much insight on the inner workings of a team? Oh, they make stuff up do they? And of course the stuff they make up always resides on the side of the opinion of the person replying to the article here. La-hame.

  6. Considering Bud Adams made damn certain that Fisher couldn’t resign the many studs that he developed, it’s no wonder his stats make it appear he’s a mediocre coach.

    It’s pretty bad when the league is littered with former Titans who Bud Adams refused to pay. But unfortunately some fans can’t see past that. They just expect greatness from a team that’s not willing to pay for it.

    Face it, the Titans are the Titans as they are the same as the Oilers. As long as Bud Adams owns the team the team will never be a true challenger. Yes they might make the playoffs, but he will be certain to screw it up by being cheap.

    I can’t wait for Jeff Fisher to take a job somewhere that will pay for the players to build a team. Fisher was always playing with one hand tied behind his back because Adams wouldn’t put too much money into the team.

    I pray he doesn’t end up in San Diego with the Spanos family who are willing to put more money into their team than the Titans.

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