Bob Sanders will visit Buffalo next

Bob Sanders will continue his free agency tour Tuesday in Buffalo, according to Tania Ganguli of Florida Times-Union.

Sanders paid a visit to the Jaguars on Monday and reportedly underwent a medical exam.   It’s unknown whether he can currently even pass a physical, so contract offers may be tough to come by this month.

The Bills would be an interesting fit for Sanders.  Their interest may not bode well for Donte Whitner’s future with the team.  Buffalo is already investing significant money in an injury-prone veteran player after signing Shawne Merriman.

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  1. typical bills investing in positions they dont need to invest in when the rest of their roster is filled with holes. they already have three starting caliber safeties in whitner, jairus byrd, and george wilson. why get another

  2. Sanders is from nearby Erie, PA.

    Would be a good fit. Low risk , high reward move. If the Bills luck out on Merriman and Sanders, their defense could make a quick turnaround.

  3. They wonder why their draft talent never pans out. It’s because they don’t get any playing time because washed up scrubs they get in free agency hog it all.

    Rinse. repeat.

  4. Millertime your nuts!!! Whitner? Are you kidding me. A million dollars is a million more than Whitners worth.. Bring in Sanders, start him with Byrd. Wilson is a backup, nothing more.

  5. Visit to Buffalo? Bob will most likely tear an ACL getting off the plane before he ever makes it to see the ownership of the Bills.

  6. Whitner needs to see the writing on the wall … I believe the Bills fans saw the lack of value in Whitner’s contract a while ago.

    Those of you who don’t know that Whitner and George Wilson are both FA’s should take note here too …

    Snagging a Bob Sanders to matchup with Scott at SS and bring back Wilson at FS would allow the Bills to concentrate on the BIGGER needs!

    Only sad thing about this situation from a Bills fan perspective is that Whitner will be sent walking without any form of Trade compensation to the team …

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