Seneca Wallace wants a chance to start in Cleveland


The Browns currently have Jake Delhomme and Colt McCoy under contract at quarterback, although no one really expects Delhomme to be back in 2011 under the current terms of his deal.

That means the Browns should be searching for quarterback alternatives.  One option would be to bring Seneca Wallace back; he knows the West Coast system that Pat Shurmur is set to install.

“If I do go back [to Cleveland], hopefully it’s a chance to compete for the starting position,” told ProFootball Weekly recently.

Wallace said it was too early to tell if they wanted him back.  He also said he would welcome the changes Shurmur brings, saying last year’s offense lack an identity.

“We had no foundation in the offense,” Wallace said.

Something tells us Wallace’s desire to start may not particularly help his chances of returning to Cleveland.

16 responses to “Seneca Wallace wants a chance to start in Cleveland

  1. This just in…

    I would also like a chance to start in Cleveland and I have as good a chance as Wallace does.

  2. I’d rather have them renegotiate Delhomme’s contract, as Delhomme would embrace his role as a backup and has established a good relationship with McCoy.

    All Wallace has done is whine about not being the starter, when he has never been a starter or been regarded as anything other than a competent backup. Despite being praised for his mobility, he seemed more stationary than I expected, with McCoy displaying more mobility.

    If they want to bring in someone to compete with McCoy, I think that they should try to swing a deal for Green Bay’s Matt Flynn. Flynn has had 3 years to learn the WCO in a system that is good enough to beat Pittsburgh.

  3. Cleveland only wants Wallace back if he accepts backup duty. If not, we don’t want him. As an earlier commentor stated, Delhomme would be the “ideal” backup in our minds because of his understanding of the business/his role on the team. His salary needs a HUGE paycut if that were to occur.

  4. If Delhomme is so brilliant a mentor for McCoy, release him and rehire him as a QB consultant. Get rid of Wallace; I would rather have Quinn return than keep Wallace. Get an assertive backup and relegate Delhomme to 3rd QB, after an acute pay-cut and with a permanent clip board.

  5. Blame Holmgren for putting these ideas in his head. When leaving Seattle, Holmgren told all who would listen that Wallace would be a starting QB in the league one day. I wasn’t sold on Holmgren leaving the Seahawks until he busted that statement out.
    All Wallace has are some (declining) legs. He never had an arm and had the pressure decision making skills of a poor man’s Hasselbeck (ie none).
    Wallace should be happy he’s getting a paycheck anywhere in the league to hold the clipboard.

  6. mayfieldroadboy says:
    Feb 22, 2011 5:55 PM

    I would rather have Quinn return than keep Wallace.

    Wow. This is why people think Browns fans are stupid… and if the sentiment above is what they have to go by, they’re right in their thinking.

    Seneca Wallace ain’t about to set the world on fire. Evereyone knows that. But what I also know is that, other than a couple of lame sideline passes, Wallace did a lot with the chances he got to play in Cleveland. There was a time when most Browns fans wanted him to start. While his accuracy was not outstanding, it was a hell of a better alternative than Jake Delhomme.. and we won’t even go into the mobility factor, ok?

    Now you’ve got a Browns fan who’d actually rather have BRADY QUINN back than have Wallace on the team. Brady Quinn, who was a complete joke and couldn’t even throw as well as the pathetic Derek Anderson. Wow.

    No wonder people think Browns fans are knee-jerk reactionary, impatient fools. Some clearly are.

  7. Brady Quinn?

    You mean that guy who’s yearly QB rating would be in the negatives had he not been the starting QB when the Browns would play the Detroit Lions?

    The Brady Quinn who multiple times a year would loose his starting job to Derek Anderson?

    The Brady Quinn who was so impressive for the Broncos that he went from potential starter to 3rd string?

    The Brady Quinn who ended all his seasons in Cleveland on the IR with SELF INFLICTED injuries?

    The Brady Quinn who’s greatest play for Cleveland was getting in a moving truck while they got Peyton Hillis and not 1 but 2 draftpicks.

    This is the guy you would prefer over Senaca Wallace who played better for the Browns on one leg in a game then Quinn could do healthy. I don’t know why but that doesn’t seem smart.

  8. The “Why” question as in why Holmgrem and Heckert don’t push the dump button on Jake Delhomme is beyond me. Unfortunately, it looks like they have to keep one or the other. I would take my chances with Wallace since he actually played better than Delhomme (last season). The Browns can sign him for a lot less.

    So much for bringing stability to the QB position. I hope McCoy is successful next year but I still the Browns need to draft another quarterback to go along with McCoy. Perhaps they will take a chance on Dalton, Devlin Ponder or Stanzi. I still think Jake Locker is a good gamble if they trade down in this draft.

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