Adrian Clayborn is looking forward to sacking Michael Vick

We asked PFT Planet to chime in on Twitter Wednesday with any questions they wanted to ask Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn.  Florio even used one, asking Clayborn what pro quarterback he wanted to sack the most.

“If I can get my hands on Michael Vick, that would be nice because it’s pretty much impossible.   He’s so fast, I’d love to do that.” Clayborn quickly responded.

Florio noted that Clayborn wouldn’t be able to sack Vick if he was drafted by the Eagles.

“I might make a rookie mistake and sack him in practice,” Clayborn joked.   (We’re sure that would go over well.)

For more of Clayborn’s colorful interview, including his explanation for skipping the Senior Bowl, head over to the PFT Live homepage.

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18 responses to “Adrian Clayborn is looking forward to sacking Michael Vick

  1. Vick isnt that hard of a sack. Zombo and Matthews both got ahold of him this year…once hes past that line of scrimmage though,….see ya!

  2. Vick may be fast, but it’s more of an accomplishment to hit Brady over Vick. Vick’s OL is bad.

    Kind of ironic I guess. Brady is slow and stone footed and Vick is fast and illusive, but Vick takes way more hits. . .

  3. MEDTXPACK, yeah they might have sacked him, but I saw both of them whiff on Vick too. Usain Bolt would also get sacked if he was an NFL QB. Many of VIcks sacks came because of multiple players getting pressure so VIck had nowhere to go. Honestly, your comment about “Vick isnt that hard of a sack” sounds pretty ignorant. I guarantee there isnt one single NFL player that would say “Vick isnt that hard of a sack” When its one on one with Vick in the open field, odds are Vick is going to break free. Just because your team won the Super Bowl, that doesnt make other teams super star players any less of a player.

  4. @ norcaleagles
    i can only assume by your name your an eagles fan. no harm no foul. i jsut see it like i call it…
    Matthews had 3 against the eagles in week 1 and only one of those was using Kevin Kolb facemask as a shovel…
    im not ignorant, i jsut think hes gettin slower, sure in the open field hes good, but thats exactly where Zombo got em…
    if you need me to ill send you DVDs of Week 1 and the Wild Card game if you need them, and ill throw in the Super Bowl jsut for sh!ts and giggles.
    and i never said yalls super star was any less of a player because GB wont the super bowl, BUT since you said it and it sounds nice, ill agree with you. Thanks Bud!

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