Dolphins franchise Paul Soliai

Dolphins defensive tackle Paul Soliai has become the 14th NFL player to get the franchise tag this offseason.

For defensive linemen, the franchise tag is a one-year contract worth about $12.5 million, an enormous raise for Soliai, whose 2010 salary was $467,000.

Soliai’s agent, David Canter, told the Sun-Sentinel that Soliai wants to stay in Miami and would have been willing to get a deal done sooner if it weren’t for the 30 percent rule.

“We want to be here. We’ve said it day in and day out. We want to be here,” Canter said. “As long as everything works out and there’s a new CBA, we can negotiate in good faith without the limitations of the 30 percent rule. We’re going to give the Miami Dolphins as fair a shot as they would have ever hoped to get.”

Now Soliai, a four-year veteran, just needs to sign his franchise tender to get a raise of a whole lot more than 30 percent — closer to 3,000 percent.

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  1. It’s not my $$$. Solila came on strong last season and the Dolphins did the right move by assuring that Solila would be in a Dolphin uniform next season.

    He was a main reason why the Dolphins run game was so stout last year and if he hit free agency and left it would have been a huge blow to the Dolphins organization.

    Glad to have you back Paul, it’s a great way to start the off season. Now if they could sign Shockey to compliment Fasano the Dolphins are right on track.

  2. I dont understand this. This guy just got a $12M raise. I see all these franchise tag players getting $10M plus. Yet, the NFL wants to cut salaries, and take more $ from the players. The owners oped out of the current CBA and are threatening a lockout to force the NFLPA to give them more$. Now you got guards & centers making takle money, Al davis is still given out big contracts, the only ones to suffer will be the fans if it cuts into the season. This whole CBA thing is BS!

  3. I was on the side of the owners, before all the franchise tags started to be used, since they have to build stadiums and because they bought the teams thay should be able to make more money. But now with the $ I see per tag, it tells me the owners are very confused and cant agree on anything. If they wanted to make a statement they should not have used any tags. When 1 player gets a $12M raise, it shows me they can afford to pay the players, no matter what they say. Because the owners can not agree on things amongst themselves, I think this CBA thing is going to drag out a very long time.

  4. So wait, mediocre guys getting franchised and making $10m+ per year makes you switch sides to the players? So they can get a bigger piece of the pie? Interesting logic.

  5. You guys can give me the thumbs down all you want. I just think the owners are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

  6. Thats what Im talking about. How can the owners cry about not having enough money, than pay mediocre players over $10M a year. The owners argument does not make sense. I dont know who I support anymore, I just want the deal to get done. But, I dont see it happening anytime soon, the owners are as confused as I am!

  7. I predict they will trade Paul Soliai for picks & go back to plan A: Starks in the middle, Odrick & Langford on the ends. They’ll draft a DT instead.

  8. I wish the Browns could have done something like this. Instead of franchising a player who wants to be there, they further alienated a kicker who wanted to be paid a long time ago but was forgotten during the regime changes.

    If the Dolphins can get a little younger at running back and answer their quarterback questions, they could be a team to look out for. It’s too bad that they’re in a tough division.

  9. Canter is an unprofessional agent.
    He smacktalks about other agents’ clients on twitter and gets butthurt when he is called out on it.
    Anytime anything is posted about him and I see it I will write something like this because he deserves it.

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