McNabb’s agents said trade or release coming after the draft

On Friday, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that a decision as to the future of quarterback Donovan McNabb will be made after the 2011 draft.

According to McNabb’s agent (via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News), Fletcher Smith, the Redskins will either trade or release McNabb at that time.

We think there’s a chance that McNabb will be traded during the draft, if the labor situation is resolved by then.  If it isn’t, and if a lockout has been imposed, no trades of current players will be permitted.

Then again, the Redskins won’t be able to trade or release McNabb after the draft, either, if the league has shut down operations.  So if McNabb isn’t cut by March 4, he won’t be traded or released until the labor situation is resolved.

Either way, the Redskins won’t be paying him $12.5 million to sit on the bench in 2011.  Eventually, he’ll be gone.  The only unknowns at this point are the time and the method.

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  1. But how could such a travesty happen?

    McNabb will lead the Redskins back to the Super Bowl!
    HeHeHe, we snookered the Eagles!
    The Eagles are STUPID for giving us a Hall Of Fame QB still in his prime and keeping an unproven draft pick who only had twwo mediocre starts!
    I guarentee you the Skins make the playoffs and the Eagles dont!

    I remember these comments and MANY MANY more that Skins fans made after the Eagles took advantage of Dan Snyder yet AGAIN last year on this trade.

    So Skins fans, how did that trade work out fer ya?
    How did those predictions turn out?

    LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Around the third quarter of the Houston game Donny Mac was on fire. Good Times. Glad I only ended up with a 35 dollar #5 T-shirt instead of a 100+ dollar jersey.

  3. Next stop, the home for washed up QB’s-Minnesota!
    Geez, here comes another full off season of
    We’re gonna win it all for sure this time-again! from the Queenies.

  4. Some people make mistakes in they lives, and they made a big one last year.

    PS – that stupid contract that Snyder and Masta P Smith inked makes McNabb untrade-able. You’re getting zero for him.

  5. First and foremost i am a hardcore Eagles fan however i will always remain a McNabb fan at heart i have been through both the highs and lows with this guy when he was our QB so i have to say he does deserve alot more respect then what he has been given even when he was in Philly he wasn’t treated with respect and that’s not fair it wasn’t back then and it isn’t now now i understand the Eagles fans frustration of him for not winning that Super Bowl in 2004 and throwing two heartbreaking interceptions but come on the guy has been so professional and has handled all the abuse in stride even now in Washington i think McNabb no matter with age still has what it takes to be an elite QB in the NFL i think Minnesota would be the perfect spot for him especially for him to make an immediate impact.

  6. Being from Phila I got to see this guy on a daily basis…I aways thought that McNabb was an above average QB, but no where near as great as the national media. The national media keep telling us “You people in phila don’t know how good you have it with McNabb”… “You people in Phila don’t know anythng”… Well National Media where are you now. McNabb was a bust in DC. Are you telling the people in DC how good they have it with McNabb?

  7. Release him… No one is gonna wanna pick up his tab! So, I believe a trade is unlikely.

    Vikings can pick him up than with a 2 yr. contract worth 7 million total. Than the Vikings can mold a QB.

    …or Vikings can steal Kolb for cheap.

    Just Dreaming…..

  8. “i think Minnesota would be the perfect spot for him especially for him to make an immediate impact.”

    Guess what? McNabb will go to Minnesota or Arizona and…all of a sudden…as if by magic:

    1) Their OL’s will become “the worst in the NFL”
    2) They’ll suddenly have “no weapons”
    3) The coach will “not utilize him correctly”
    4) He’ll be “disrespected” somehow, some way
    5) He’ll be “under-appreciated” by the fans
    6) He, through Masta P Smith, will whine about his $ through the media
    7) He’ll passive-aggressively blame teammates / coaches for losses where he played like garbage

    They’ll instantly become the most drama-filled organization in the NFL. Oh, and his TD:INT ratio (the only stat he cares about) will get worse and worse.

    Because that’s what’s happened both places he’s been.

    Eagles fans will tell you. Now Redskins fans will tell you.

  9. Snyder won’t trade him, just will cut him and Haynesworth so they will go forward to have pro bowl season with someone else.

  10. 1) Nobody ever said the Ealges OL was the worst in the NFL when Donovan was there.
    2) He made it to NFC Championship games with Charles Johnson/Torrance Small and James Thrash/Todd Pinkston as his starting WR’s.
    3) How did that crunch-time 2-minute drill with no timeouts against GB in the playoffs turn out for your new guy? Oh, that’s right, he threw a dumb interception. At least Donovan usually won a playoff game or two before ending the season with a bad INT.
    4 & 5) There have always been Donovan critics (perfectly legitimate, he had and has flaws) and Donovan haters. The Donovan haters, people like yourself who let Catalidi and Missanelli think for you, are pathological nuts who know nothing about football.

    6&7) Too stupid to respond to.

    And the Eagles were never the most drama-filled team in the league except when TO made them that way.

  11. Fat Freddy,

    I live in Philadelphia. I know. Unless you live here, you don’t know.

    So I am teaching you.

    Thank me when all of this happens a 3rd time in another city, and you can speak intelligently on the matter.

  12. @fatfreddystubbs
    I know this much about football, McNabb is no leader, never was or will be, he had Fat Andy coddle him for over a decade, pay him over 100 million dollars, and he never won a damn thing. He is a drama queen,and nothing was ever his fault, you would think the leader of the team would at least know the rules of the game he is being paid highly to play, and you sycophants who defend him know nothing about football….

  13. 6) Financial Apologies #1 and #2

    7a) “We showed our youth today.”
    7b) “We were winning when I got off the field.”
    7c) “Trust me, I wasn’t the only reason we lost that game.”

    See how good it feels to learn, Freddy?

  14. Eagles did have a lot of drama when TO was here. It was also the only time McNabb went to a Super Bowl.

    After Owens left, we were never a serious threat again.

    Gee, I wonder what changed? Oh yeah – it was all back on McNabb to make plays. And he failed.

    And McNabb had those same weapons as Vick last year and lost to a middling, forgettable Dallas squad back to back weeks. Remember, that was the game with ended by McNabb throwing every skill position player under the bus.

    It’s never McNabb’s fault to his Stepford defenders.

  15. But perhaps McNabb’s best moment came in this almost impossible tifecta of (a) victimhood, (b) finger-pointing, and (c) passive-aggressiveness…

    7d) he turned around and did it again in DC – using mouthpiece Masta P Smith to:

    …blame Kyle Shanahan for screwing up the offense (that’s the finger-pointing)

    …claim Shanahans ignored his recommendations to improve the offense (that’s the victimhood, as he was ignored and therefore ‘disrespected’)

    And, when confronted man-to-man by a clown like Kyle Shanahan, he backed down in an all-time cowardly move (that’s the passive-aggressiveness).

    And, of course, the subtext to all this was his money, since he demanded a ‘financial apology’ that delivered minimal financial gain to Donovan and essentially gave the Redskins all the cards. Because he has an agent that pales in comparison to Masta P.

  16. The only athlete in Philadelphia who was ‘underappreciated’ by the fans during McNabb’s tenure here…

    Cole Hamels.

    Look at what Cole accomplished in comparison to McNabb. He’s a champion, and an MVP at that. And the fans still get on him in a way they’d never do with Lee or Halladay or Utley.

    Look at how Cole handled all of that, in comparison to McNabb.

    THAT’S class.

    THAT’s professionalism.

  17. I’m a Redskins fan, and right now – EVERYTHING about this sad, sorry, poorly run heap of junk franchise is AWEFUL – who in their right mind would give that garden gnome Shanahan complete control over player personnel decisions anyway

    and besides all that the Redskins are a VERY OLD team with no history of understanding how to rebuild through the draft – even if they did – they TRADE all the picks away on second hand scum bags – maybe London Fletcher is the exception

    Going from a top 10 defense with a 4-3 then changing to a 3-4 to be THE WORST DEFENSE in the league

    ……….no McNabb is just one of a thousand things thaat need fixing

    …none more important than getting a new owner & COACH & GM….they are ALL USELESS

    The Redskins SUCK right now & will only get worse

    guess what Eagles fans….YOU WERE RIGHT !!!

  18. You mcnabb haters are idiots. #1 The eagles didn’t win the Superbowl because there “DEF” couldn’t stop anybody in the big games!! #2 at least 6-7 of those picks bounced off w.r hands,etc. #3 Mcnabb was “having a bad year”, yet he was on pace to break the passing record for the skins. #5 Mcnabb isn’t in his 20’s anymore he can’t run like he use to, bail out bad w.r’s. So Mcnabb needs to go to at least a decent team to get them in the playoffs.

    Eagles will always be 0 and done with Vick

    Go Mcnabb!!!

  19. Don was a good guy. The expectations were too high for him & he lacked the weapons. While Andy is a top 2-3 exec in the league he is not a game day coach. He should be in the luxury box with Jeff , Joe & Howie. That said I doubt the words of T.O & Rush L. will ever cede to truth. Thats what happens when you don’t “kill the beast”. Sad really. Well he’s got money. Hopefully he won’t Farve the thing. I hope he takes his gains, settles down and lives the good life.

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