Another lawsuit filed against the UFL

The UFL death watch continues.

Already facing a lawsuit from Mark Cuban for repayment of a $5 million loan and a lawsuit from a Sacramento P.R. firm for unpaid fees, the three-year-old pro football league faces another claim based on an alleged failure to satisfy its financial obligations.

Erich Spivey of Good Morning Jacksonville reports that the Mayo Clinic has accused the UFL of failing to pay medical bills.  The lawsuit, filed last month, claims that the UFL has $224,500 in pending charges, including $191,000 for player physicals, $23,536 for radiology services, and $10,000 for an advisor fee.  The lawsuit alleges that more than $95,000 has not been paid since July 2010.

“Payments are being made to vendors and there will be a 2011 season,” UFL spokesman Michael Preston told GMJ.  “The owners and investors are committed to us going ahead this season.”

It’s hard to believe that the UFL can proceed without making significant changes, even if only for P.R. purposes.  Indeed, we can’t imagine Commissioner Michael Huyghue (pictured) lasting much longer on the job.

8 responses to “Another lawsuit filed against the UFL

  1. i hope they hang on at least until the NFL and the Player’s Union come to an agreement. Any pro football is better than none. Now I just have to figure out what channel Versus is on.

  2. Why doesn’t this guy pay the money and collect it from the UFL later? If he doesn’t have $224,500 sitting in a bank, I’m sure him and all the executives running the league can chip in to reduce that number significantly to keep their employees happy and restore confidence in their leadership and UFL.

  3. To be fair to management. Who knows if they’ve chipped in before and don’t have enough to go around. I don’t want to paint myself as a know it all.

    Good Luck to the UFL.

  4. There will be yet another lawsuit coming also in a fee weeks and that is from the players. Each member of the championship winning Las Vegas Locos is still owed $10,000 from the Thanksgiving weekend Chapionship game. It is now March 2nd. Talk about ridiculous. League is going down the drain

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