Bruce Arians returns to Steelers

Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arian’s contract quietly ran out after the season, but no one seemed particularly concerned because it always seemed like he would be back.

On Wednesday, he signed a one-year deal to return to the team, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Arians said at the Super Bowl that he would never work anywhere else than the Steelers.  While he’s 15 years younger than LeBeau, Arians has been contemplating retirement at age 59.  The short contract is reflective of Arians’ uncertainty.

The Steelers averaged 27 points-per-game in the playoffs and nicely developed their young receivers this season despite an injury-plagued offensive line.   While Arians doesn’t get a lot of credit, he’s done a solid job in his run in Pittsburgh.

8 responses to “Bruce Arians returns to Steelers

  1. A one year contract is not exactly a ringing endorsement by the Steelers owners and management.

    However if you look at the number of injuries on the OL and a suspended QB to start the season, Bruce did a very good job.

  2. My fellow Steelers fans hate on the guy, but hes put together a pretty good playbook to suit Ben and the young WR’s strengths.

    Welcome back Bruce, now get us in the endzone.

  3. Im Ok with this especially on a year to year basis.

    Now all we have to do is quit turning the ball over, get a solid Cb and we might be champions again.

  4. Arians is a suburb coach, but an awful play-caller. He always seems to call the worst possible play at the most important times. His play-calling in the Super Bowl was even worse than usual.

    When your offense looks better in the hurry-up, with the QB making the calls, there is a problem. Great offensive coach, terrible Offensive Coordinator.

  5. Sure would like to see more use of the hurry-up offense with Ben calling his own plays. It seems the team does better when this occurs.

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