One owners meeting ends, another one begins

The NFL owners meeting in Chantilly, Virginia has concluded for the day.  And another smaller one has started.

That’s roughly the only concrete news we can give you with roughly 30 hours left before the current collective bargaining agreement expires.  Most owners are returning home, but the ten owners on the league’s labor committee jumped right into another meeting.

Those ten owners will presumably be in town when mediated negotiations with the NFLPA starts again, which is expected.  They have the authority to make any decisions, such as enacting a lockout.

Colts owner Jim Irsay said no decisions were made about the lockout.   (Commissioner Roger Goodell has also reportedly issued a gag order from the owners, which not all are adhering to.  Hmm.)

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the plan is to meet tomorrow and he’s waiting to hear if mediator George Cohen wants to meet tonight.  Aiello described the day’s events to ESPN as “intense.”

Greg  Bedard of the Boston Globe heard that “not much progress” has been made on the big issues.