Jim Mora thinks Mike Vick is in the “process of changing”

Former Seahawks and Falcons coach Jim Mora, who currently works for NFL Network and FOX, joined PFT Live on Thursday to discuss a variety of topics.

Among other things, I asked Mora whether he thinks former Falcons quarterback Mike Vick, who played three years for Mora, truly has changed.

Mora gave an intriguing answer, explaining that he believes Vick is in the “process of changing.”  You can hear his take by clicking the box below.  Or you can hear the entire interview at the PFT Live home page.

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17 responses to “Jim Mora thinks Mike Vick is in the “process of changing”

  1. What you “Dog Kissing Fools” don’t realize is that Vick don’t give a damn if you idiots think he is changed or not.

    As long as those 20 million dollar tenders, endorsements, shoe deals and starting Pro Bowls, keep coming in, he will be laughing at you fools all the way back to the bank 🙂

    Bite that bone 🙂

  2. Mike is in the process of changing into an NFL quarterback. It has been a decade long journey, but last year he showed tremendous progress.

  3. Yes, he is in the process of changing. But into what?

    Does anybody believe Vick will stay out of trouble for good this time?

  4. What are people looking for from Vick? This man spent months-on-end in a jail cell and is no longer involved in that which got him incarcerated. Is it now our duty to incessantly grade every aspect of his character henceforth?

  5. If you read anything about sociopathic behavior, you know that its deeply ingrained. The chances of life-changing behavior is technically possible but rare and only after professional help.

    I don’t know what Vick is doing but I seriously doubt he is seeking therapy. As for Qb, nice INT to end your season, you only have to do that two more times in a row at the NFC championship game level to break BrINT Farve’s streak.


  6. captainwisdom8888 says: Mar 3, 2011 9:26 PM

    What are people looking for from Vick?

    I expect nothing from Vick. It’s all the butt-kissers that surround him that piss me off. Put yourself on the list, Jim Mora. And go thank your daddy.

  7. Wow, that did it. You just know when the moment as arrived, somehow. I’m done with Vick stories.

  8. Jim Mora is in the process of becoming a decent NFL coach. Has this dude spent any time around Vick sense he’s been out of prison? Doubtful. Only miserable people hope the worst for others…lots on this board fit the script.

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