Union arrives, Thursday’s mediation ready to kick off

After writing about March 3 for so long, well, we’ve finally arrived at March 3.

And the NFLPA contingent of negotiators has arrived at federal mediation for the day, albeit later than expected.  On Wednesday, reports said that mediation would kick off around 9 a.m. ET.  The NFLPA arrived sometime after 9:30 ET, although we’re not sure why there was a delay.

The NFL owners met with mediator George Cohen on Wednesday night to get ready for this day of meetings, which could be our last in a while.

It doesn’t contain the excitement of Free Agency Eve, which usually comes on this day each year.  We’ll still have you covered all day and night here at PFT.

(Photo courtesy of Albert Breer of NFL Network.  He’s versatile.)

7 responses to “Union arrives, Thursday’s mediation ready to kick off

  1. 11th Hour Agreement….HA!

    I got an idea. Let’s put De Smith and Goodell in Gladiator attire and have a battle to the death.

    I’m begging you NFL and NFLPA. TRY ME! TRY ME!

    I’ll never watch football again. Your 9 billion pie will turn into 4.5 Million in the future….

  2. Maybe 4.5 Mil is a little excessive. Either way, sponsors will start walking away, you’ll become the laughing stock of Professional Sports with Gary Bettman and David Stern. If you guys had any respect for the shield or the fans you all would extend the current agreement 1 year and use the rest of this time to hammer out a fair agreement.

  3. This could be a bad year for sports, all 3 sports have labor fight coming and we could have a lockout or strike in each of them, so we better hope we enjoy the baseball and basketball seasons, with basketball people in prolly the most trouble.

  4. If not for steroids, no one would care much about baseball. Steroids saved baseball. The lockout that baseball had just sucked.

  5. Thought it was Gabrielle Union there for a moment. Then I saw the picture and realized I can stand at ease.

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