Loss of benefits in lockout is a lose-lose situation

We’ve heard plenty about the loss of player health insurance benefits during a lockout, since that’s the most important employment benefit for any worker — and since players will for the first time in their careers have to write a monthly check to ensure the continuation of the benefits.  Though, in theory, they should all be able to afford a payment that likely will range between $1,000 and $3,000 per month, some players could be tapped out.  Others simply may lack the discipline or the structure to remember to make the payment.

Beyond health insurance, the NFL makes a wide range of benefits available to players, and the loss of those benefits would, in some cases, hurt the team as much or more than the players.

For example, the no-questions-asked ride program for players who have had a few too many but not so many that they don’t realize they shouldn’t be driving won’t be available.  Thus, they’ll have to find another way home.

More importantly, players receive all sorts of counseling from the league and/or their teams.  Drug counseling.  Marital counseling.  Any type of counseling they may need is available.

In a lockout, it won’t be.  Some may have the money, the time, the motivation, and the resourcefulness to seek it out on their own.  Some may not.  For those who need it and who don’t get it, the lack of that benefit hurts the team and the player.

Then there’s the simple inability of coaches to pick up the phone and call their players.  As former Falcons and Seahawks coach Jim Mora explained it during a recent visit to ProFootballTalk Live, coaches routinely talk to their players.  In a lockout, the communications end.  And thus will end the ability of coaches to influence players to make good decisions, to hold them accountable, and to simply maintain and/or expand the relationship.

It’s another very important reason for both sides to work this thing out.

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  1. Amazing..absolutely amazing…..So you mean to tell me, that alot of NFL players are so freakin stupid, thay can’t write a check, balance their finances, or perhaps take care of their families without the help of an outsider? Seriously, they may be men, but they have to be treated like children? Amazing

  2. Everything mentioned is a player benefit of course. Its time to realize they are contractors, not partners. The players should be extremely happy they are not using their mental abilities and looking for jobs digging ditches.

  3. we won’t be here in 5 years because the NFL will no longer matter after a strike.
    8itches fighting over HUGE money is what this is all about and I don’t care if they ever take another snap.

  4. I fail to see how this is a NFL issue… this is a lose lose situation for the players. players are a dime a dozen in the NFL: lose one to stupid decisions while big brother isn’t watching, there are a hundred waiting to take his place.

    That the players are given all of these ammeneties in the first place shows you just how ridiculous it is that these guys have been playing the victim card. It basicaly seems like your making a case that the players no longer have anyone to save them from themselves… sheeze!!!

  5. “..the no-questions-asked ride program for players who have had a few too many but not so many that they don’t realize they shouldn’t be driving won’t be available. Thus, they’ll have to find another way home.”

    From the DUI’s that keep happening, it seems like most of them aren’t using that now.

  6. Look on the bright side – if a lockout lasts long enough, it might flush some of the turds out of the league.

  7. The one thing I haven’t ssen discussed, is the possibility of one side claiming breach of contract in the event of either a strike or lockout. I assume, in the event of a strike where players failed to show up for mandatory activities, the owners would (or could) use that against them to avoid and/or recover bonus money paid out.
    But if the owners lock them out, couldn’t the players turn around and claim all existing contracts have been rendered null and void, thus making everyone a FA?

  8. Oh my god! Whoa is me they now have to act like grown men and join the real world. Boo Hoo this is the most idiotic rhetoric I have seen in years. I’m sorry you have to remember to pay your bills and take care of yourself and your family like the rest of us.

    Give me a break you whiny little babies.

  9. We should place bets on which player does something stupid that one of these benefits would prevent.

    Or who the first player caught fixing a game because they borrow money from the wrong people during the lockout.

  10. i really could careless about what a bunch of millionaires and billionaires will have to pay, or how bad it is for them. and yes some players aren’t millionaires i understand, but really this should have been takin care of a long time ago. if this goes into the season fans should all unite and ban the first game back. not go to the game or even watch it on t.v. maybe then they will realize who pays there salaries. GET IT DONE NOW!

  11. This article makes either makes them out to be like toddlers, or complete idiots that need round the clock reminders to make sure their responsibilities are fulfilled. Oh…

  12. Pay 0.3-0.8% of their gross income for healthcare, pay for taxis home after a night out, and lay off the couples therapy… Cry me a river.

  13. Yes we must get this settled right now! To actually expect these men, (that is what they are, right?) to act like adults is completely ridiculous! Next thing you know, we’ll expect them to be prudent with their money so they’re not broke in 5 years.

  14. It’s lose for the players. It’s not lose for the owners.

    If some of those turkeys can’t keep it together while their union is clawing for more money what are the teams really losing. This could be a great separation mechanism.

    God will make more players. He does so every year.

    But I’m glad that benefits other than salaries the players receive is being talked about. I think the salary cap in 2009 was $128 million. Mutliply that by 32 and 10% for benefits and you are at $4.5 billion just for current player salaries and benefits. That’s half the supposed $9 billion pie. So right away the owners and league only have half the revenue to pay for EVERYTHING else.

    I’ll stop here before I type something that gets me banned again………

  15. Non exempt persons not securing minimum essential health insurance coverage are also fined under the shared responsibility rules.

    Under Obamacare those that can’t afford to purchase their own health insurance will be fined. I love America!

  16. This article makes moronic assumptions. Players still have agents, and agents will probably pick up the slack and handle these things for them.

  17. lol, JFC, are you serious? players can’t do what 99% of the rest of the world does on a daily basis? deal with marital issues, drinking & driving, drugs, etc?

    Cry my me a bloody river. Players, at a minimum, are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. They can afford all the “benefits” … they don’t NEED any of them. They can all afford them. Every last one of them.

    Even the worst players earning the least amount of money earn more than 99% of the rest of the world… and here you are, whining about their benefits stopping.

  18. I love this about the players have to look out for themselves, it seems every game the announcers mention a player they mention the college he went to, are you telling me they did not attend class and understand what the real world is about besides “don’t you know who I am.”

  19. jw731 says: Mar 5, 2011 6:43 PM

    Amazing..absolutely amazing….


    Dumb, absolutely, dumb. Please, the number of NON-NFL people in this country that bounce checks shows you that a lot of people, intentionally or not, can’t keep up with their fiances but you expect that just because they have money that they will be any different? Hell, people make good money as money managers for rich people and their children (Do you think Paris balances her own checkbook?).

  20. Seems that our Sunday heroes are nothing more than irresponsible boys in oversized bodies.

    Fans pay how much to see a game? Buy PSLs? Beer? Parking?

    I haven’t attended a MLB game since the strike that canceled the World Series. But I do attend Double A ballgames.

    Warning to NFL and NFLPA: The nine billion can be cut in half if the fans are disgusted enough and take their money elsewhere. The Lingerie League sounds damn appealing!

  21. palinforpresidentofnorthkorea says: Mar 6, 2011 10:40 AM


    You and the rest of the delusional fans can believe that all you want but most, if not all, if those who say that they’re staying away will come back; just like they did in 1987.

  22. Look not everyone is good with their finances or a good money manager be they rich OR poor. Some of the biggest money wasters I have ever known in my entire life are people who don’t have much money. Some are talented with finances. No big deal. But NFL players have the mans to hire people who ARE good with finances. There is also common sense: If you don’t have the money for it RIGHT NOW and it is more than the amount you have to pay your bills and you don’t have any…you know..INCOME… don’t buy it. Doesn’t take an MBA to figure that one out.

    The players have gotten a lot of great benefits that even well compensated employees don’t get such as tuition reimbursement and the ability to attend short courses at very prestigious business schools. When I was in HR those type of things and insurance, etc were factored into hiring decisions and budgets. The players cant’ just pretend all those great benefits have nothing to do with their total compensation.

    I think that some players seeming to feel that the safe ride program is beneath their dignity and they want to be irresponsible jerks who endanger others’ lives instead by driving drunk speaks to the mentality of a lot of these guys in every facet of their lives including money and finances…sadly. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them take a FREE benefit like Safe Ride or tuition reimbursement. I have a hard time feeling that much sympathy for guys whining about “life after football” because their “careers” are only so and so many years long (I guess they think we forget that no one in the world retires at 30 never to work again…we all have to work until we are at least 62) when they don’t take the VERY EXPENSIVE opportunities provided to them, (people who earn far above average salaries for most people) FOR FREE to PREPARE FOR LIFE AFTER FOOTBALL.

    I feel that both sides have their pros and cons and I am not on either side exactly…but they need to get real…both sides. Until they do, nothing good will happen.

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