Vick says he’ll organize lockout workouts

During his latest appearance on PFT Live, our corporate brother Tom Curran pointed out that guys like Tom Brady will be walking a delicate tightrope during a lockout.

Brady has emerged as a strong voice in the NFLPA, vowing to attach his name to any antitrust lawsuit filed against the NFL.  But Brady has been for nearly a decade the strongest voice of his team.  So if the owners implement a work stoppage, how will Brady reconcile his duty to his fellow players with his burning desire to win once football resumes?

Our guess is that Brady will try to have it all, even though organizing player workouts and practices plays into the owners’ hands, allowing them to believe that, if a lockout lasts for the entire offseason, players will be ready to go in September.

Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has yet to climb aboard the union bandwagon.  But when it comes to getting his teammates ready for the 2011 season during a lockout, Vick was candid about his plans.

“Wherever we agree to be collectively.  It may be Florida, it may be Hawaii. We’ll get our work in,” Vick said Friday at the Maxwell Club gathering in Atlantic City, via the Associated Press.  “Being on the same page, timing, which is very important.  I think everybody has to be on one accord, all thinking the same.  Practice and film study are important, but just familiarizing ourselves with each other, that’s going to be big for us.”

And 32 really rich guys are now smiling.

The notion that “everybody has to be on one accord, all thinking the same” applies with even greater force to the members of the NFLPA.  Organizing workouts and practices at a time when the teams won’t let players work out and practice hurts the union’s interests, and it’ll be interesting to see whether and to what extent Vick faces friction and resistance from teammates.

That said, Vick’s interests point directly to doing things that will ingratiate himself to team management and prove that he can work hard even without supervision.  Though he accepted the franchise tender offer and will make more than $16 million in 2011, Vick wants a big-money long-term deal.  Returning to Philly as the leader of a post-lockout lineup that’s ready to win games will go a long way toward getting that long-term deal done.

We definitely hope the labor situation gets resolved in the next week.  If it doesn’t, however, things will be getting very interesting, in many different ways.

46 responses to “Vick says he’ll organize lockout workouts

  1. The question remains…..

    Will he show up for the workouts or will it be a last minute cancellation like Oprah and ESPN?

    My guess, based on past experience…No Show!

  2. They can practice for 12 hours a day, every day, and they still won’t win the Super Bowl. Never have, never will.

  3. At the end of a lock out (that hopefully never occurs) the owners would continue to be their hypocritical selves. I can hear Jerry Jones saying “I thought the players would have more personal pride and work out on their own even though I was trying to get them to work longer for less money”. Unfortunately unless you are a Brady or a Manning you risk losing your job if you don’t come back ready to go.

  4. Vicks whole life he has just been stepping in it and walking around on the carpet.
    Except for scrambling, this guy cant do anything right.

  5. Earlier in the year when other players said they’d be organizing their own practices you guys called then great leaders. Now vick says it and he’s a company man who’s not on the same page as the ?

    I hope Vick’s getting a cut of the profits from all the hits you get from these “pulitzer worthy articles” you write about him..I just read on espn that he ordered a sandwich from the cafe and then changed his mind and got pizza whens that article coming it’s been at least 10 min since the last one

  6. Uh Oh…the last time Vick organized something he spent several months in Federal Prison…

    Let Kevin Kolb take the lead here Mike…

  7. I’m Vick-neutral, but come on. Vick is more indebted to his team than most players, and he isn’t the only star who hasn’t taken a leading role for the NFLPA. From a PR perspective, it’s better for the union if controversial players keep a low profile. And as you point out, even Brady–who is an outspoken union advocate–will likely organize lockout workouts. How is it in the players’ best interests to come back from a lockout out of shape and unprepared? Being game-ready benefits them as much as it does the owners.

    This time you are reaching to tweak Vick.

  8. Who wouldn’t practice their profession regardless of the labor situation. If a carpenter is laid off, do you stop sawing wood? Any professional who does not practice his trade gets stale. In Vick’s case, much more prone to injury. That would neither be in his, the union’s or team’s best interest. I applaud Vick for his dedication. He doesn’t have to make a big announcement, just call up some team mates and suggest meeting in Hawaii for a week to play catch. What’s the harm. McNabb had an annual pre-camp workout before every season. No one said anything about that!

  9. Vick is becoming a leader right before our very eyes.

    Give him just a decent line, and a couple of playmakers on defense and I bet he ends up with more Super Bowl appearances than Manning

  10. he’s got plenty of experience organizing things… dog fights, interstate gambling rings…

  11. Yeah, the “we’re all going to Hawaii to work out together” line pretty works right into the owner’s hands also. Way to go, genius.

    I wonder how many times it takes to smash a dog to the pavement to kill it before you work up a good sweat?

  12. It will be called “Ron Mexico school of dog killing” bring your own dog for the workout.

  13. I hate to be the optimist here but…I actually think he will show. If Vick wants that long term deal and wants to be seen in the light of “the changed guy” he’ll show. After everyone wrote him off when he came back he proved everyone wrong and had the best year of his career. I think he’ll definitely show..but if I’m wrong I’ll be the first to say it here and say I’m an an over optimistic idiot!!!

  14. Call me a nonbeliever. I think Vick will say the right things but we’ll see if it actually happens. Vick is a shallow person, IMO. Its reflected in his performance over the season. He rode his athletic talent and once teams figured him out, he was sacked and contained, and the Eagles lost. He did nothing to adjust or expand his skill set. He’s a typical athletic QB, no ability beyond speed and throwing power.

  15. As a fan, wouldnt you want your team to organize practices on their own? They are risking injury w no pay…and the risk of injury is no more than if they had OTAs. So as a fan, I look at this as a positive and I can be optimistic at the start of the season because players stayed sharp. I wouldnt look at the player planned practices as cynically as attempting to ingratiate the owners, but as a commitment to the fans that the players want to play and when they can, they will be as good as possible.

  16. If I’m his teammate I’m a little reluctant to attend any practices/workouts he’s organizing….we know what happens to those he deems as “underperforming”….yikes

  17. Why all the Vick Bashing? When Ashley what’s her name from the Inquirer first published her article, I said have Garry Cobb look into it. He’d disclose the truth. Cobb did and got it right with facts, not speculation. The event was notified of Vick’s absence days in advance. Has Ashley apologized? Not that I’ve seen. I understand there’s not much going on right now for reporters, whose jobs depend upon their ability to come up with something to get eyeballs and ad revenue. That, however, does not excuse them from manipulating their observation of events to produce a fabricated result.

  18. Vicks comments sound scripted to me. As if written by a PR guy for him to read.

    Vick says: “I think everybody has to be on one accord, all thinking the same.”

    I just don’t think that came straight from the brain of Vick. I just don’t believe that Vick would have the word ‘accord’ in his vocabulary when used in that context. I think it’s in his vocabulary, but only in the context of a car with blacked out windows and big bling wheels.

  19. “Vicks comments sound scripted to me. As if written by a PR guy for him to read.”

    Bingo. I wonder if he has the same guy lil’ Ben over pittsburgh has working for him? They both play in the same state.

  20. “Vick couldn’t organize a pissing contest in a wind storm.”

    Do you read what you write before you push the submit button ???? Think about what you wrote here. Doesn’t it make Vick SMART to not have a pissing contest in a wind storm. Or in Toronto do they like to get piss on them selves and thats the way they do it. lol

    Non-story here Vick is doing the right thing for him self his team and the fans. Teams who get together are doing the right thing because in the end when they do come back if they are locked out, the game is for the fans and the better they play the better the fans enjoy. So i say go Vick and Brady and anyone else who works out on their own.

    PFT stop putting an article a day on Vick , trying to take him down for whatever reason. Let it go man.

  21. Damn if you do Damn if you don’t, if he didn’t keep these guys on the same page then he’d be a terrible leader, but if he does then he’s a company man. Did I get that right?

  22. we won’t be here in 5 years because the NFL will no longer matter after a strike.
    8itches fighting over HUGE money is what this is all about and I don’t care if they ever take another snap.

  23. It’s unfortunate that the coaches don’t appear to have their destiny in their own hands with their own CBA. They appear to be prevented from working with the players while the owners lock the players out.

    If the NFLCA and NFLPA could come to an agreement to work together, they could find a facility that wasn’t owned by the NFL owners and conduct their training and workouts there. That would be in both of their interests.

    But it appears that the owners have prevented the coaches from having anything to do with the players during this lockout. A shame.

    And while it’s admirable that Vick will seek to organize other players into workouts, working out is only half the battle. You need the knowledge and skill that professional strength and conditioning coaches bring to the table to become top-caliber. No getting around this.

  24. A “redemption story” means he had to be a POS in the first place. Give the man time he’s bound to screw up again, then the Bengals will want him.

  25. Question for MF:
    Why single out Brady when Manning & Brees are also going to be in the lawsuit? They are all of similar stature as far as the league and their respective teams.

  26. Egirls never win a superbowl. They choke. They make excuses. They are always one player away or it is the fault of they player who got axed. They do have mucho talent, but it makes no never mind. They can practice all they want with their propped up man of the year, give em another “courage award”, let him get fawned over by Oprah…who cares, egirls will never win a SB period.

  27. The great Vick is changing yes he is
    BS he is now and always will be a POS

    Hospital or Jail by week 9 my personal choice would be the prison hospital

    And before we start with the Ravens players Stalworth was drunk it was one bad night the same could be said for Lewis

    This POS stole the Falcons money admited to not trying hard killed harmless pets and broke the law every day for years and still would be if he had not been caught

  28. “Being on the same page, timing, which is very important.”

    “Mike Vick, to the Cam Newton booth please”

  29. Good. He’s definitely taken the leadership role on this team obviously the jokes i see are clearly uninformed if not wildly inaccurate but the off-season stuff builds up the timing for the season.

  30. exeaglefan also a fraud. Vick doesn’t have 3 no shows ESPN talked to a maxwell rep Lou Tilley who basically signed Vick up for an interview without asking Vick. The only no-show Vick had was Oprah. Why is everything a conspiracy?

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