Indy Super Bowl committee ignores lockout talk


One of the biggest consequences to the loss of a football season would be the loss of a Super Bowl.  Though the Super Bowl would return the following year, it wouldn’t automatically return to Indianapolis; the next two games after February 2012 already have been awarded to New Orleans and New York/New Jersey.

For the folks in Indy already working hard to get the town ready for the arrival of the football world, they can’t afford to think about what may be.

“We absolutely mean what we’ve been saying and that is we believe common sense will prevail,” 2012 host committee chairman Mark Miles said Friday, according to the Associated Press. “If there is a lockout or any other scenario, we’re going to try and block that out and have blinders on because we believe we’re going to have a game in 2012.”

There’s a point at which a lockout would threaten the season.  For the powers-that-be in Indy, the date on which the Super Bowl wouldn’t happen comes much later.

“We’ve thought about every imaginable scenario and we can be ready in February,” Miles said. “The drop dead date for the league to have a season, I think, would probably be earlier than it would be for us because we’re not going to slow down.  We’re going to be ready.”

There’s a chance they’ll be ready for something that never happens.  Or something that doesn’t happen until 2015 at the earliest.

5 responses to “Indy Super Bowl committee ignores lockout talk

  1. Yeah well if they weren’t so foolish as to pass us over for Dallas, their fans would’ve had a much better experience. We had our streets clean within hours of the ice storm, and kept the main roads of the city usable almost without exception.

    Oh well, I’m just hoping there’s no lockout because as a resident of Indianapolis, this is my best chance at attending a Super Bowl in the near future. Granted I’ll probably wind up so drunk that the only memories I’ll have will be pictures.

  2. “…it wouldn’t automatically return to Indianapolis”

    That makes sense but what about the regular season schedule?
    If by chance there is no 2011 season, do they just roll that schedule to 2012, or would they go with what would have been the regular rotation for 2012?

  3. Some of the linemen from the Combine still haven’t finished their 3 cone, but should be done in plenty of time to host the Super Bowl.

  4. Too much on the line. You keep going as if it is going to happen. With all the problems that plagued this year’s venue, they can’t afford to turn down the effort at any point.

    I’m sure they will be fine.

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