Brandon Jacobs thought better of boxing after weighing concussion risk


Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski will step into the ring for a professional boxing match on Saturday night, and if a lockout leaves NFL players looking for another source of income this offseason, Zbikowski may have company.

But Giants running back Brandon Jacobs says that after considering boxing, he decided not to lace up the gloves because he worries about the risks of concussions.

“It’s not that I can’t do it because I can do it,” Jacobs told ESPN. “The issue is the concussions matter.”

Concussions are certainly a risk in boxing, although it’s debatable whether a boxing match puts an athlete at greater risk of concussion than a football game. For his part, Zbikowski has said he’s not particularly concerned about the risk of injury in boxing, saying he thinks the NFL is more taxing. And pro boxers don’t fight 16 times a year.

Jacobs, however, is surely in the majority among NFL players: Even if there’s a lengthy work stoppage this offseason, few players are going to participate in any sport that would put their health at risk, lest they be unable to collect their NFL paychecks when the season starts.

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  1. Tommy Z won’t have company. Only players who have amateur backgrounds like Tommy will have means of making money in this sport. Boxing isn’t a sport you can just join and be good at. It is a sport that takes years of discipline and training.

    It is a complete joke that any football player thinks he can just join and be good or even get a fight that would pay him enough to cover his training cost. If you where to start training today with no experience in the ring a trainer wouldn’t have you even hitting a heavy bag until June and you wouldn’t be ready for your first fight until the winter. You have to relearn everything in this sport.

  2. …so what you’re trying to say, is that Jacobs is just as afraid of Zibby laying him out and inflicting a concussion upon his brain, as OchoCinco is?????

  3. Anybody who thinks untrained NFL players couldn’t get a fight over the summer is wrong. People don’t watch boxing because of the incredible footwork of pro boxers. They watch boxing to watch grown men knock the bejesus out of each other and any two men with “name power” can sell tickets.

    James Farrior v Ray Lewis for instance would be an instant PPV mad house. Think about it…

  4. @touchdownroddywhite, not boxing fans. We watch to see good fighters fight good fighters. Boxing isn’t MMA. Yes a name sells but only after they have proven themselves in the ring. In MMA you can be Kimbo Slice and get a main event but in boxing you will have to prove yourself. Where did Kimbo’s name get him in boxing?

    Don’t confuse boxing and celebrity boxing.

  5. Boxing has plummeted over the past 10 years, drastically, because there are less and less “good fights”. More specifically because of guys like Lennox Lewis or the Klitchcos(sp?) dominating boxing with outstanding reach and defense as opposed to pummeling boys, a la Mike Tyson.

    I guarantee you my hypothetical fight of Lewis V Farrior would draw the biggest gate of any match in the past 5 years because people know those two men would go toe to toe and pummel each other as opposed to dancing around and throwing a handful of jabs to “score points”.

    Not saying you’re point about TRUE boxing fans is incorrect. Just saying there’s not enough of them left, and the rest of the crowd wants to see people get pummeled and violently knocked out.

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