Silver: Most recent offer split the difference, union headed to court

We were initially skeptical NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith’s plan to decertify because progress is clearly being made on a possible labor agreement Friday.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that the latest ownership proposal “split the difference” between the two sides.  That’s a lot of progress and the union has yet to counter.

If the player’s chose to decertify without a counterproposal on a day with significant movement, it would support the belief that the players believe they can get the best deal in court.

The same source that told Silver the latest proposal “split the difference” says he union made no counter, and they are headed to court.


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  1. Of course they didn’t counter. They have shown no interest since very early on that they aren’t there to negotiate a deal thats best for everyone. All the union cares about is themselves & sending everyone’s union due to Obama and his minions.

    The owners & the NFL have opened books, made offers & counter offers. What has the union done? Played a game while trying to protray themselves as a victim.


  2. They should extend again…the Owners have come a long ways…decertification is not the way to go.

  3. Well… that was quick. I thought they might agree for another extension.

    It will be interesting to see what the players are able to get via the courts. In layman’s terms, how does a court decide what an employer must pay an employee lol

  4. Its perfectly obvious that this is going to court. The union does not want to agree to ANY deal unless they get to the see the books. And they feel they can do that with an anti-trust suit.

  5. If true then shame on the players and I’m now on the side of owners. I’m a Saints fan and Breesus can tweet all he wants but if the league offered this and the players didn’t even offer a counter proposal then perhaps they planned to decertify all along.

  6. If it’s true, my sympathy for the players has completely evaporated. I was on their side before, but not so much now. You don’t get that close then push the red button.

    And now I hope it blows up in their faces.

  7. If this is true than the Union has done a great disservice to the loyal fans of the NFL. This is proof positive that they had no intention of bargaining because all they have done is make demands. I am disgusted with they way they treated this supposed mediation. I hope the fans show through lack of financial support that WE made the NFL the success that it is (was).

  8. it’s sad that i’m actually siding with the owners here.
    players: not having a season will hurt you WAY more than whatever is going into the new CBA will.

  9. Maybe this is fair, but how would one know?

    Maybe the owners asked for a $1B knowing that they really wanted $500M. Like most of us do when we make an offer on a house, lowball or highball knowing you’ll come back to the middle you wanted after some back and forth.

    How do any of us have any basis, as we don’t know what the franchise’s turned as a profit?

    The NBA owners have me on their side, because I know they are getting crushed on every front and the labor deal kills the game. That’s clear. Not so much in the NFL.

  10. If what you say about the NFLPA’s refusal to negotiate in good faith is true, then I hope the players get their lunch handed to them.

  11. I hope they get a 10 times worse deal…the owners want a deal and the players dont …bottom line….

  12. ofcourse they will get a better deal in court the books will be opened and we will find out that owners and the league are paying friends and relatives millions of dollars to be “consultants”….and the league will be exposed as a fraud for claiming that they are broke and need more money from the players they will tko the owners in court…signing another extension would be pointless becasue during these extensions the players can be signed to another team or get their roster bonuses so to them they are being locked signing these extensions the owners were making it to where they werent being affected at all..but by decertifying it brings in the legal system which will end all of this and we will have football

  13. I find the union’s position to be idiotic. The union is saying that without the players, there would be no game… but that’s not true. The players are being paid millions toplay a game that most men would play for free. Yet the NFLPA wants “a fair share” of the profits made in a game that most men would play for free. I think they are forgetting that without the fans… there is also no game, and without the fans there are no longer billions to be haggled over. You don’t see fans bargaining for their “fair share” of the billions, and I’m pretty sure the fans are more important than the players… because the players can be replaced… the fans can’t.

  14. If DeMaurice leads the union to court, he’s a guy I’d follow all the way to hell, just so I could be there to push him in.

  15. They have shown no interest since very early on that they aren’t there to negotiate a deal thats best for everyone.

    Best for everyone? They had a freakin deal! Any new deal would be worse for the players. Why should they agree to that? Would you agree to a pay cut for no reason?

    All the union cares about is themselves & sending everyone’s union due to Obama and his minions.

    Yes, I’m sure that EXACTLY want the NFLPA wants. Not to protect the health and financial interests of its members.


  16. Generally speaking I’m for unions —– But you know if that’s true then I will be 100% against this union and these players and DeMaurice Smith — If in fact this union really doesn’t want to do a deal it is just beyond pathetic — It’s just totally disgusting and sick and I hope they all go freaking bankrupt and they can all just go of into the woods or someplace and just rot for all I care —- To hell with them — To hell with it and to hell with the NFL —- Life can go on just fine without these butt wipes, that’s for sure

  17. Normally, splitting the difference is enough to get most deals done. Even if the players are still not getting enough, is it really worth it to not even make a counter? Possibly they will make one before the end of the day.

    But if they don’t and just “head to court”, then they risk losing the public opinion support, as many posters here are already showing. Of course, maybe that doesn’t matter to the players, or the owners. We all know things will get resolved at some point no matter how it impacts the fans, since the players and owners make too much money to not get it done at some point. And, us being fans, at some point we won’t talk about this anymore and just watch football.

  18. Personally, I’ve never understood what difference fan opinion should make. Both sides are trying to max out the money they make.

    Maybe they’d care if fan approval made a big difference in their paychecks, but fans staying away (which they won’t anyway) won’t hurt the players as much as the owners.

  19. I’m so angry right now i could punch the guy next to me,and he’s a lot bigger than i am i will lose,hey just like the players challenging the owners.fantastic fun.jerks.

  20. I’ve been in the corner of the NFLPA from day one, but if the owners are really willing to make all these concessions, and truly did propose an offer that split the difference between the two sides, then at the very least De Smith and the PA need to agree to another extension of the CBA.

  21. The NFLPA never had any intention of negotiating. Remember that the players already voted to authorize decertification before last season. From all the information so far leaked, the only thing the union agreed to was to allow the league to spend $300 million more for healthcare of former players!

  22. If there’s going to be a lockout, have it be a long one – BREAK THE UNION. Make the presently overpaid, and future unemployable, players squirm.

  23. I wonder how many players heard this and are frantically trying to get a hold of thier Union reps. I guarantee this is not what the majority of them want.

  24. The path through decerttification and then antitrust litigation is a very complex, expensive, arduous and has NO gurantees !! Lots of things can go very wrong in court with a jury of your peers. There is a good chance they could end up with a great deal LESS than they now have !!

  25. “lock em out, bring in scabs. it will save me hundreds on football sun dat ticket.”

    I will bet you $10,000 right now that your prices won’t go down one penny.

    Are you crazy enough to think your ticket prices and Sunday ticket costs are related to player salaries? That they’d go down if the salaries came down?


    Especially this day in age”

    I’m sorry Ray, I forgot – we all need to make exactly what you make. How could I forget, we’re now living in communist Russia and everyone has to be paid an equal amount no matter what they do/produce.

    Thanks for reminding me, comrade.

  27. If the NFL really wanted to have an agreement and they were bleeding money they would have no problem opening the books. Hmmmmm. I am quite sure if they opened the books and saw teams losing money hand over fist the players would not press them as hard. If you got nothing to hide then whats the problem. Blame the players all you want but the owners are lying thats why they won’t open the books.

  28. Waited years for my Packer tickets. Finally got them last year. Used them 1 year for a great year at least. The renewal is not going in now. No desire to watch these greedy morons, and pay to do it. I think Sundays become family day and Pheasant hunting day.

  29. Unless the owners are lying ,and since this was a hour ago without challenge it doesnt look like it, then the players never wanted to negotiate in the first place. Something some of us have known for awhile.

  30. @ ubummer
    You can push them all in for all I care. Its not the players or the owners who pay for things. Its the fans no matter how you slice it. I am tired of 10,000 dollar PSL’s and rookies who get 50 million dollar contracts. Personally I would not waste my six dollar bottle of concession water to put out the flames.

  31. DeMaurice smith doesn’t care about the fans, or the Players. He has used this mess to get himself in the News all the time. Can you imagine how much his law service will make now and how famous he now is?
    When does Demaurice’s book come out?

  32. Pro sports Unions are a JOKE, as most of these guys would piss on the other 53 guys on the roster if it meant they could get an additional 1 million in signing bonus! Most modern day players don’t even know the history of the game nor care so spare me how they are looking out for the retirees.

    Unfortunately I think ego’s have entered the picture like QB’s who believe they actually have 1 effing clue on how to run a 900million dollar operation and new attorney’s who never played a down thinking they can outsmart a room full of billionaires. Bring on the SCABS reduce ticket prices and wait for the guys to come crawling back

  33. ‘Best for everyone? They had a freakin deal! Any new deal would be worse for the players. Why should they agree to that? Would you agree to a pay cut for no reason?’

    Idiot you say? Players voted to decertify LAST YEAR MID SEASON!

    They never had an intention to negotiate, only litigate. Thanks for playing, better luck next time!

  34. F unions…all of them.


    The owners should just close up shop, go to bankruptcy, and watch the players get nothing.

    Greed is everywhere, but the players are showing more of it.

  35. Hopefully, Mr. Smith’s players have saved their dimes. The owners have the cash to go the distance and don’t need the football money. Most of the players do. What until September when the paychecks do not start for the players, and you start hearing grumblings. If anyone thinks the owners are going to turn over all the books just because a lawsuit is filed, you are sadly mistaken.

  36. I’m a union electrician and the players union makes me want to vomit. If we walked into our contractors office when our contract was up and told them to open their books, they would fire our asses on the spot.

  37. If you’re in the market for a car and I offer you a Ford Focus for $70k and then reduce the price to $35k, I’ve really yielded nothing. The NFL ownership is calling this splitting the difference.

    It’s a farce, but from the looks of these comments it seems to be a pretty effective one.

  38. “Demaurice Smith will go down in history as the man who ruined football!”

    There is an executive committee that takes the final vote on NFLPA proposals. Smith has to sell any proposal to them first.

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