Eagles reach out to ticket buyers

Slowly but surely, most NFL teams are reaching out to their fans following the start of a lockout.

Some release a statement.   Some send letters to their ticket buyers.  All of them express confidence there will be a season in 2011, and show disappointment in the union’s negotiating tactics.  Yada yada yada.

The Eagles went for the letter angle.  Owner Jeff Lurie and President Joe Banner addressed season ticket owners in an email sent Saturday, which was forwarded by a thoughtful reader of PFT Planet.

The email includes the usual talking points and details some fan events at draft time.  The most interesting section (to me anyhow) was the following:

“The NFL remains committed to collective bargaining and the federal mediation process until an agreement is reached -– an agreement that is good for the long-term health of the league. We believe that a deal will get done.”

Contrast that sentence to one that came towards the end of an NFLPA* press release Friday:

“Any agreement reached from this point forward with the NFL will be as a result of the court system, not a collective bargaining agreement.”

Yep, they aren’t speaking the same language.

43 responses to “Eagles reach out to ticket buyers

  1. Owners. FU. This is YOUR fault. You’ve been plotting this for years.

    Yeah, I trust Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder (just to mention a couple).

  2. A fans response to this nonsense:

    1) Cancelled Direct TV subscription for 2011
    2) Bought MLS subscription for 2011 (no/less money now for NFL)
    3) Planned to attend Seattle game while on vacation in October… game purchase now cancelled.
    4) No Charlotte Panther tickets will be bought (hometown team).

    I’m very excited for MLS. Go Seattle. Hell, I might even catch a National’s game while visiting my mother-in-law this summer.

    Go away NFL.

  3. Personally I think no football means I’ll have no excuse for God. I will have all the time in the world to pray to Her.

  4. Ineffectual, empty NFLPA suits turn the ball over to the Slow Whites and their Seven Doormen.

  5. I’m calling on Monday to get my name removed from my team’s season ticket waiting list. Screw ’em. I’m too diehard a fan to walk away completely, but watching games on television is going to be the extend of my “support” for the league going forward. No more merchandise, Sunday Ticket or any of that. And I can’t help being vindictive enough to hope they take a crushing loss on merchandise and ticket sales over the next few years.

  6. Earth to the NFL ownership: There must be a union for you to bargin with. There isn’t. Get over it. Your wet dreams have come true no union, you busted.

  7. I can’t wait for half price tickets, half price beer, half price food, and half price concession’s to lure the fan back.

    This isn’t the owners fault. He is the employer. It’s Tyrone the linebackers fault. As the EMPLOYEE he felt that his $5,000,000 a year salary with full benefits wasn’t enough.

  8. Anyone who blasts the NFL and says, “I’m through with it”, is complete BS. You’ll be back…

  9. Lurie? The pot who called the kettle black?

    Lurie and his wife were the executive producers of the movie “Inside Job” which won the Academy Award this year for best documentary.

    A movie about big business and bank fraud!

  10. Any chance there’s selling tickets to that annual “Salary Cap Bowl”? The birds have a running dynasty in jeopary there.

  11. To me the NFL will have a very difficult time getting people back unlike 1987 because we live in a totally different economic era and back then we did not have Pro Football Talk, the internet, 24 hour sports stations, sports talk and what not to vent our frustrations on. Also we live in I think the worst era for sports leadership for the 4 major sports plus the NCAA because they seem to make so many bad mistakes at the top that anger fans. The NFL as far as I am concerned will face a 1994 MLB type backlash when business returns because of these factors and the fact that corporate greed is not a thing that is well recieved amongst Americans.

  12. It’s too bad that when the NFL does come back, and you know they will, the fans will come RIGHT back. And it’s funny because in some board room in D.C the owners (and the players for that matter) are probably cracking jokes on how they can do whatever they want, drag this thing out, negotiate longer, etc. and the pathetic fans will come right back when we do. They blackout games when they don’t sell out, make ticket prices unaffordable, use public money (not always) to build stadiums and now they will be locked out. That’s a real “Fan First” attitude.

  13. You people are idiots who are freaking out now. What if this is settled in say July? Will you still be upset about all those lost games in March, April, May and June?
    If you want to be pissed off, get pissed in September!

  14. Every person with a non government job is paid a fraction of the profit they actually generate for the owner or CEO. That isn’t a sham, it’s called capitalism.
    If players want to change the system, go get a billion dollars and buy a team. Otherwise shut up and go to work. The best are the people who preach against the rich, against wall street and against capitalism on Facebook from their iPads and smartphones. Without Wall Street there are no investors. Without investors there’s no capital for start up companies. Without start up companies there is no innovation. Without innovation there is no competition. Without competition there is no free market. Without a free market we are the SOVIET UNION. Invest the same amount of effort in your job as you do in protesting and you won’t have to worry about anything when someone actually holds you accountable to produce for the first time in your life.

  15. Mediation is over and done.

    Looks like the Eagles front office is as clueless about labor negotiations as Andy Reed is about what his kids are up to.

  16. beastofeden says: Mar 12, 2011 5:20 PM

    “It’s Tyrone the linebackers fault. As the EMPLOYEE he felt that his $5,000,000 a year salary with full benefits wasn’t enough.”

    The players weren’t asking for a single penny.

    It’s positively mind-boggling how many posters here still don’t understand this.

  17. This falls on both of them. If a deal is not reached by the time my first bill comes for Sunday ticket then I will cancel for a year. They will all be rich in the end anyway.

  18. Only Judge Doty can save us now. Please rule that the lockout is illegal and that everyone can get back to work under the rules of the expired CBA. Once that happens I don’t care if it takes them 10 years to reach an agreement (and it might).

  19. But of those players who arent giving up a single cent, how many of them would give up some money to help retired players?? Not a damn one of them. They say this isnt about money and blah blah blah..Its always been about money and any player that says it isnt is a damn liar

  20. Please 3octave,

    They didn’t want any extra money because they already had an unfair deal and they knew that. Its the players fault we are in this mess. Why? Let me spell it out for you. They walked away from the table without continuing the negotiations. Without an extension, 8 hours before a lockout could be imposed if that doesn’t spell sham, Idk what will for you.

  21. To respond to Skoo and Hooch BCS, I think you guys dont realize right now we would of normally been talking about free agency and what clubs need to do to improve their draft stock. Although we have the latter, we dont have free agency discussion and in this era of the NFL the sports year round so there is a good reason why the american public is not pleased with both sides because we are suppose to talk about on the field stuff and not this court room battle.

  22. 3octaveFart says:

    The players weren’t asking for a single penny.


    You’re correct, they weren’t. They were asking for a NEW contract which was exactly the same as the expired one (status quo)….no negotiating.

    Everyone knew that wouldn’t happen……the exact same contract would be bad for the owners (why have an opt out clause in the last CBA if it was a great deal for the owners?).

    Again, THAT CBA is gone…..expired….and instead of negotiating a new one, the players went home.

    It’s mind boggling that you don’t get that. Who gets more / less in a new CBA is negotiable. You still have to create/negotiate a NEW CBA (again, the players agreed to the opt out clause in the last one. So, they are just as much to blame for it expiring as the owners). The players don’t want to negotiate. They want the same CBA and will drag it through the court system on YOUR tax dollars.

  23. Anyone who blasts the NFL and says, “I’m through with it”, is complete BS. You’ll be back…

    Thats what they said to me when the NHL and MLB pulled this on the fans and I have NOT returned to the stadium or even watched one game on tv since !

  24. To those who say “Why whine now, football will be back in August”, I say, but I enjoy the process year long. I enjoy the armchair GM aspect more than the game. Thus, you’ve taken away my favorite part of the game.

    Add to that my disgust for both sides pettiness, and well, I’ll move on. I’m not mad. I did the same with baseball in ’94, and basketball with the death of the Seattle franchise.

    Not mad. Just moving on. MLS is growing, and I choose to grow with it. I’m GM’ing the Sounders right now… pissed they let Bryan Meredith go.

    Go figure.

  25. Just canceled my Sunday ticket with DirecTV. They asked me not to jump to conclusions, I told them if there’s football, then I’ll sign back up. But if there’s no football I’m covered, if there’s a shortened season, I’m covered.

    DirecTV has been really good to me over the years, however, something tells me, that if I had stayed signed up for The Sunday Ticket, and the league was still in lockout mode, they’d charge me for something. Or if it were a shortened season, they’d charge me for a full one. Corporations these days haven’t been fair with the public, giving them the benefit of the doubt has run out.

  26. On a side note………………

    Did you “Dog Lickers” hear about the dog biting off the toes of his owner while he was sleeping?

    That was funny as hell 🙂

    Be careful when you idiots go to sleep – You may not wake up if you have a pet.

  27. I hve been an Eagles fan since they played in Shibe Park!! I sold drinks at their games at Sheib Park and Franklin Field. My father was a professional baseball umpire. As much as organized and professional sports were paert of my upbringing I have little interest in major league baseball since the last baseball strike and I am concerned that I will have the same attitude about the NFL is this “posturing” doesn’t come to an end soon. We fans cannot relate to the numbers the league and the players refer to. They are obsene.

  28. Why would anybody that enjoys football even want to buy Eagles season tickets? They can get drunk without going to the stadium.

  29. If ownership really cared about the fans/season ticket holders, they would not be requiring those folks to pony up the full (or even partial) amount for renewal until a settlement of some sort is reached. By forcing season ticket holders to pay up now with no guarantee of a 2011 season, owners are getting a free loan of millions dollars. And if the season is canceled, they will tell the ticket holders that their money will be applied to the 2012 or whenever the next season begins.

  30. Unions haven’t been useful for many years and the NFLPA is no different. They continue to hurt the US economy on a daily basis. When will everyone wake up? The players are employees. Without the owners, there is no game, no stadiums (for the most part), and no paychecks. The players on the other hand can be replaced, but most would play anyway because they are nothing else…..players.

  31. thefiesty1 says: Mar 12, 2011 10:20 PM

    Why would anybody that enjoys football even want to buy Eagles season tickets? They can get drunk without going to the stadium.

    Big words from someone who can’t even spell his username correctly. At least we get the E-A-G-L-E-S chant right.

  32. They should have also explained how their online ticket ordering was screwed up and only allowed full payment for season tickets, in place of of a payment option.
    I understand that there was some sort of work around, but most of the people I tailgate with ended up tossing their hands in the air and paying in full, because the Eagles screwed up the website.

  33. seabreezes…. Glad to hear that. I thought it was me. I suck on computors . I just made the partial payment, then called. They told me that I was credited with the partial. What ever go Birds.

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