Undrafted former college players barred from Arizona Pro Day

There are going to be a lot of weird, tiny repercussions that come from the current work stoppage that we haven’t even thought about.

One such oddity will be experienced Saturday at the University of Arizona by seven former Wildcats.  According to the Arizona Star, seven former players were set to work out at the school’s Pro Day on Saturday.  Because of the lockout, they won’t be able to.

It’s typical for former college players to work out at a Pro Day.   While they are longshots to get signed, they are trying to raise interest from NFL teams in hopes of signing an undrafted free agent contract.

The rules of the lockout prohibits teams from actively pursuing undrafted free agents, so the seven players will stay home.

If there is no new CBA by the time the draft hits — if the draft hits — teams won’t be able to sign undrafted free agents from the 2011 draft class.

7 responses to “Undrafted former college players barred from Arizona Pro Day

  1. Good to see that Mo and the boys are looking out for the best interests of the athletes who most need the help.

  2. What a shame. In a war between billionaires and millionaires, the penniless are the only casualties.

  3. Lobbying has already begun on Capitol Hill for taxpayer bailout of the owners, the league and the nflpa.

  4. The NFL needs to delay this upcoming draft until they have a deal with the “trade association”/union. An example of how out of kilter this whole player/owner relationship is, we have one Von Miller, who has never played a down in the NFl, has not been drafted, but yet, feels he is a “partner” of the NFL owners and has joined the law suit brought by these other spoiled, pampered,and perpetually immature children.

    The NFL owners need to step on these guys and step on them hard. Can anybody imagine suing your potential employer before you even get a job offer, and then still expecting the potential employer to employ you and pay you millions of dollars?


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