Alex Smith’s daily workouts at 49ers facility have ended

Quarterback Alex Smith remained the kinda-sorta property of the 49ers for another week while we were in labor purgatory, but that has ended now.

Like every NFL player, under a contract or not, Smith can no longer work out at his team facility.  Matt Maiocco of notes that Smith was among the players who had been showing up to work daily so far in the offseason.  Justin Smith, Parys Haralson, Ray McDonald, Chilo Rachal, and Joe Nedney were other daily workout participants.

Teams like the 49ers with new coaches have the most to lose in a lockout.  Maiocco reports the team was planning to start their offseason conditioning program next week.

Those plans are now postponed indefinitely.  And the longer the lockout lasts, the more likely it will be that the 49ers have no better option at quarterback than to bring Smith back.

10 responses to “Alex Smith’s daily workouts at 49ers facility have ended

  1. Looks like the 49er’s will make a run for that QB from Stanford????? Will Smith behind centre another last place finish is almost guarenteed.

  2. Smiths daily routine of drinking tea and discussing same sex marriage will have to be moved to the Knob Hill district of San Francisco.

  3. Prediction time – Alex Smith under Jim Harbaugh = very good season, just wait and see. Smith wil be back and he will finally have a good offensive minded head coach instead of one who has an offensively bad game plan, yeah I am talking to you dingleberry!

  4. Smith having been working out at the facility shows that he might want to come back. If he decided he wanted to move on, I don’t think he’d want to be near the place.

  5. The shock of learning alex smith actually works out hasn’t worn off. I’ve seen him play.

  6. He’s a bust move on wait a year and draft Andy Luck. If SF needs to get behind another bad QB Clausen or Jamarcus Russell are always available.

  7. I hope NFL brings in players from other leagues so I don’t have to watch smith another year! Thank god for the lockout we have a chance to reach 500 !

  8. First of all alex Smith is a bad QB and the Niners can do at least as well with any teams castoff they would bring in . Secondly ,Alex can’t learn a new system in less than a full year in a new system(you know the old ALEXcuse,”he had too many new systems and too many OC’s etc etc,so it’s not really his fault he stinks ),so why would the Niners want him back for 1 year since he would be useless for the whole year anyway (As he still is even after he learns a system,:) ).
    And besides all that,why would Alex want to come back to a team where the fans will mecilessly boo him after every incomplete pass (and there are always far too many incomplete passes from Alex every game,since he can’t throw the ball accurately and always throws over the heads and behind the receivers,even on a good day)?
    Time for alex and the team to move on. Let Alex ruin another team for the next 6 years ,he has almost singlehandedly ruined the Niners for the last 6 (with help from poor coaching).

  9. I share the same concerns as everyone else about Smith being our future….

    But…..he’s showing true leadership in a time when most quarterbacks are filing lawsuits against the NFL by continuing to improve himself and the team….humility is a sign of tremendous character. Add Harbaugh to his training regimen and focus on O-line protection, and Smith has a chance to prove himself….

    Like it or not, I’ll take a QB of high integrity and character(Smith) over one who has spent more time belittling and berating their employer because they are now a Primadonna…..

  10. Fine with me. I would like to see what Alex Smith can do with a competent Coach and Offensive Coordinator.

    He never played under Martz and McCarthy bailed. Only wish he was made Head Coach instead of Nolan. But that wasn’t to be. Nolan could have been a decent GM cause we got some decent players from his drafts. Too bad he didn’t have a clue how to bring along a young QB. If he’dve had any kind of understanding McCarthy would never have interviewed with Green Bay since they asked permission to interview him.

    I pretty much told everyone when Singletary was the wrong guy for the job because he was Nolan 2.0.1 Same philosophy same unknowledgeable incompetence as a Head Coach.

    Now when the 9ers have someone who understands QBs’, fools want to start all over again. With whom? There is no clear cut favorite in the draft. Still have to bring them along anyway. No FA player worth bringing in unless Joe or Steve wish to play a year and teach the new guy how to be a WCO QB. People say they want Palmer and Kolb? Palmer never played in the WCO a day in his whole career. Think he’s gonna take the 9ers to the Super Bowl? Fat friggin chance. Kolb couldn’t play for Reid. What makes ANYONE think he could play for us?

    Absolutely pathetic that we’re here now. But it is what it is at least young Mr. York has got us moving in the right direction. For once.

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