Long lockout could help guys like Matt Moore, Chad Henne

Some teams and players would inevitably be hurt more than others in a long lockout.

And then there are the guys like Panthers quarterback Matt Moore and Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne, who could oddly be helped out by a long work stoppage.

Moore is coming off shoulder surgery, and is in the early stages of throwing again according to Darin Gantt of the Charlotte Observer.   Moore probably won’t be able to be 100% until August at the earliest.  If there is no football until August, he won’t fall behind anyone on the practice field.

Then again, it’s uncertain if Moore will even remain with the Panthers.  He was given a restricted free agent tender by the team, but is more likely to wind up as a unrestricted free agent if the league reverts backs to pre-uncapped year league rules.

Either way, a long longout would give Moore a chance to get healthy again and find a job.

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne could also benefit from a long lockout.  As Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel points out, Henne’s chances of remaining the Dolphins starting quarterback will only grow the longer a lockout lasts.

Miami won’t have the chance to integrate a new quarterback into their system if there is no agreement, so Henne could remain the The Guy by default.

22 responses to “Long lockout could help guys like Matt Moore, Chad Henne

  1. the longer the lock out the less these two will play.. hmmm ok guess thats good for them… To be honest does anyone think Moore is the answer for the Panthers? and or Henne for the Doliphins… I mean this is Middle of the road at best talent…

  2. maybe the work stopage will last the whole year that would really help these two… That way they wouldnt have to play…

  3. A long lockout will also help teams that have not made any changes to their coaching staffs. I heard Suh say the other day that he learned everything about the Lions’ defensive schemes during OTA’s (before camp started). So teams with new coaches and coordinators that don’t get OTA’s will be at a disadvantage, in my opinion.

  4. I always thought the Panthers should keep Matt Moore and avoid reaching for a qb in the draft.

  5. Do you know what would really help Henne? An OC who is willing to work a sytem with the QB and work to his strengths…..and throwing less checkdowns and picks.

  6. Amen to that! Henne deserves another year, especially with a new system now that Henning is gone.

  7. The article should have said “Long lockout helps Matt Moore and the AFC East teams other than Miami”

    With Henne at QB, Miami is headed for another sub 500 season and may even get into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes for the 2012 draft

  8. This will be a huge help to Henne, as it will buy him time before he has to eat his own words about Tebow not ever being an NFL QB.

    On the other hand, if there is football this year, Tebow will be the better QB be year’s end, and Henne will be on his way out of Miami.

  9. I have a question. If this lockout last all year, but somehow works itself out before next years draft, does the order in wich the teams pick remain the same for next year?

  10. johnelwayismydad says:

    That’s an awesome question.

    I can add another:

    I believe a team holds rights to a rookie draft pick for one year if he doesn’t sign. If that’s correct, what happens if the lockout, which prevents teams from signing contracts with draft picks, extends beyond that one year point?

    My first guess is that it would be addressed in any settlement, but still…

  11. The amount of negativity and scrutiny being thrown Henne’s way is asinine. I cant think of a QB who would have been successful in Miami’s mysterious offensive mindset last year. 6 rushing attempts in the entire Bears game? Henning and Sparano’s ultra conservative game planning last year, was mind boggling. Henne actually improved in most categories last year, was in the top half of the league in completion percentage, and if some of the receivers that were complaining at the end of the year, actually caught balls that hit them in the hands between the numbers, he would have had less ints and more TD’s. Yes Marshall and Hartline, I’m talking to you. He may never be elite, but he has the potential to be very good. You gotta have the right team and coaching in place. Just ask Sanchez. Rated behind Henne 2 years in a row, but deep in the playoffs 2 years as well.

  12. How is securing an opportunity to continue to embarrass themselves good for either of these guys?

    A long lockout is only good for them if they use the time to study real estate or insurance salesmanship.

  13. It won’t matter for those two. The longer the lockout the more time we have not to miss either of them.

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