Mara, Tisch to fans: “We are as disappointed as you are”

Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch have sent a letter to fans regarding the current decertification/litigation/lockout situation engulfing the NFL.  In contrast to the frustration that Mara directed at the players on Friday, accusing them of not trying to get a deal done at the bargaining table, the message from the men who own the team expresses general dissatisfaction without calling out the players, the NFLPA*, or anyone else.

“We are as disappointed as you are in the developments of the past week and the current state of negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement,” the letter says.

The difference, of course, is that the fans had no control over the outcome.  The owners did, and they failed to get it done.

“For there to be no CBA in place today is extremely disappointing, given the amount of time and hard work and the numerous conversations devoted to achieving an agreement, not just in the last two weeks but over the last two years,” they write.  “We are not happy about that and we certainly understand and appreciate your unhappiness and frustration.”

We’re not sure how much “time and hard work” was really devoted to the process.  No one seemed to take the situation seriously until the past three weeks, and there were plenty of days without bargaining, or with limited hours.

“Where we are today serves no positive purpose for you, for our players and for the National Football League.  Although we had hoped and expected to have an agreement by now and are disappointed that we do not, we remain as committed as ever to returning this process where it belongs, which is the negotiating table.  We are convinced that what we have stated many times remains true, that there will be a new agreement and there will be a 2011 NFL season. It is just a matter of when we are able to reach an accord on the current issues.”

We’ve said this before, and we need to say it again.  The current posture of litigation and uncertainty potentially helps the players and the fans, because if the players’ approach succeeds the lockout will be thwarted and the players will have more leverage when talks resume.  More importantly, and coincidentally to the players’ objectives, the fans will have football.  The league will fight the players’ efforts to build leverage in court because the owners’ maximum leverage exists via collective bargaining and, ultimately, a lockout.  For now, the “positive purpose” for the players and the fans is that a lockout possibly will be blocked.  So where we are today serves no positive purpose for the NFL; it may serve a very positive purpose for the players and the fans.

“The impatience and the displeasure we know you are feeling is completely understandable,” Mara and Tisch then explain.  “We can only assure you that the point of the entire process is to make our game as strong as it can possibly be and to enable it to continue to grow for the good of everybody — the league, the players and the fans.”

Again, they don’t care about growing the game for the good of the fans, with the exception of making the game more enticing so that more fans will devote more money and/or attention to the sport.  We’re simply the vessels through which money flows from our don’t-cash-this-until-Tuesday checking accounts into their Scrooge McDuck coffers.

The owners don’t “care” about the fans; they “care” about separating the fans from their cash.

“The last thing we wanted is for the business end of our sport to play out this way,” Mara and Tisch write.  “We know people frankly don’t care how owners and players manage their business.  These negotiations distract and detract from what is most important to all of us:  the game.”

We’ve never agreed more with any paragraph that anyone has ever written in any context or setting.

“We are doing all we can to return the focus as quickly as possible to where it belongs, the field of play,” the letter concludes.

It all sounds pretty good, and it could mollify some of the Giants’ paying customers.  But folks who get it will realize that Mara and Tisch are simply saying what they have to say in the hopes of containing some of the damage done by the inability of the two sides to come up with an objectively fair way of splitting up a very large pie stuffed with paper spinach.

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  1. What’s this feeling coming over me? Oh yeah, it’s the urge(sorta like having to piss) to tell the owners, the players, and their families(which I’m also sure that this whole thing is just about making sure they are taken care of) to F*** OFF!
    Hello MLB it’s been a while.

  2. How wonderful to know we will be treated in the upcoming months to this type of insightful rhetoric from both the owners and the NFLPA.

  3. You wrote “because if the players’ approach succeeds the lockout will be thwarted and the players will have more leverage when talks resume.” The players are after an MLB type system. If that’s what they get it’ll help fans of teams in megamarkets but Green Bay and Pittsburgh fans will be looking at their teams chasing tailpipe forever.

  4. Yes, yes union awesome, owners bad. We’ve got your schtick. Except this just makes it more obvious. I mean its not like the Mara’s haven’t owned the Giants since 1925. Yeah its just purely business to them after 86 years. Has nothing to do with the sport at all.

  5. Nobody wants to hear either sides case anymore!


    If we have no football come Fall11, the fans should group together and force them both to lower income expectatons when we boycott the NFL as a whole.

    There is strength in numbers football fans!

  6. It’s too bad that it seems like it was the players, not the owners, wanted to send this thing to the courtrooms. Then maybe that would give your point of the owners failing to get anything done some validity. Lets not forget De Smith was and is a trial laywer, and his most comfortable realm is where this is now heading.

  7. Well, we now know who are the prime distributors of Crapola for the New York area. Silly me, I thought it was the Mets.

  8. Yeah, we as Giant fans are disappointed that you were so greedy as to replace a perfectly fine stadium, with one of the best sightlines in the NFL and replaced it with an ugly 1.6 Billion dollar stadium that every critic panned, whose sightlines are worse than the other stadium. All so you can MAKE MONEY. Yeah, we as fans certainly trust you Mr. Mara.

  9. scudbot, if this were true, the owners from the “megamarkets” like NY, Philly, Chicago, new England and Dallas would be on the side of the NFLPA, but they’re clearly not.

    both sides have acquitted themselves rather poorly in this whole mess, but the players showed just how truly focused on “winning” this they really are. At least the owners actions suggest that they understand the negotiating process.

  10. Anyone want to bet these fan loving owners will raise ticket prices once a new CBA is approved?

  11. I take Tisch and Mara at their words. These are not owners of the Mike Brown ilk that have no interest in putting a top quality product on the field for the fans. The Giants aren’t taking advantage of their fans, the way some other owners are. If Tisch and Mara state they have an interest or obligation in ensuring the fans are happy, I believe that obligation goes beyond the mere interest in separating fans from their cash and their word is based on over 60 years 0f delivering on that word. (ok, with exception of about 16 years of darkness in the 70’s and 80’s) Take your negative tone and apply it some other more deserving owners. You’re just pissed you have nothing better to write about.

  12. most of are right,becuz when this is finally done,you’ll pay more for parking,more at the consession stand,tickets…everything.But not me I’m not re-newing my tickets this year,to take a chance to drive 3 hours to watch piss poor quailty football,you really think these players are going to workout together on there own?I dont think so.I’ll bet there players on the Saints team who cant stand Drew Brees.

  13. lunarpie says:
    Mar 13, 2011 12:36 PM
    Nobody wants to hear either sides case anymore!


    If we have no football come Fall11, the fans should group together and force them both to lower income expectatons when we boycott the NFL as a whole.

    There is strength in numbers football fans!

    I agree. I have been telling everyone I know, do not watch NFL channel, do not surf and do not buy NFL products. If everyone did, they would have to listen! WE MAKE THE NFL! I am personally boycotting all of it.

  14. Lunarpie and crabcakes are right…

    We… as fans… should do everything we can to boycott the NFL. Don’t buy anything with an NFL logo… don’t buy enhanced TV packages… if you go to the games buy as little as possible at the stadiums… don’t attend functions involving NFL players… don’t pay for autographs…

    … etc etc etc…

    Just cut back as much as you can. You don’t have to be perfect. Buy less… give them less money… it’s all they care about.

  15. Their disappointed – HA! Now do they split the $9 billion amongst the. 32 teams and don’t have to share any with the players? I’m sure their disappointed.

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