Chris Cook says he was arrested for “just an argument”

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Vikings defensive back Chris Cook, who was arrested Saturday and accused of brandishing a handgun, isn’t going the “no comment” route.

Instead, Cook has given multiple interviews to get his side of the story out, and saying that he did nothing more than yell back when a neighbor in Virginia started yelling at him.

“He lives two houses down from me, we got into an argument, but nobody did anything,” Cook told Jeremy Fowler of the Pioneer Press. “I told him I wasn’t going to fight him. He was just trying to provoke me. There was no gun involved at all.”

Cook is accusing his neighbor of lying to police about what happened.

“I wasn’t in any fight or nothing,” Cook told Chip Scoggins of the Star Tribune. “It was just an argument.”

Cook said his concealed weapons license gives him “the right to carry my gun anywhere I want to,” but he denied that he pulled his gun during the argument.

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  1. Guys, the interesting thing is that Chris Cook says he was at his home. The address listed was Halifax street– which is in a not so great area of Lynchburg. Considering is 4 year deal was work 5.65 mill or so and he banked a million in salary plus his signing bonus, I’m a little shocked he still called that home and his neighbors(likely his parents home).

    Property value is much cheaper here compared to the rest of the nation and has the ability to purchase a home in a much more secure area without bad neighbors or the need to carry a concealed weapon.

    A quick example would be same school district in an area called Wyndhurst 3 BR townhomes cost 160k or so, or upgrading to a better school district in a great home could be done for as little as 250k for a nice 4br home.

  2. Well, if someone filed a brandishing report then obviously your gun wasn’t “concealed” enough for them not to know you had it moron.

  3. My point stands– he’s riding a bike in an area where trouble exists while having the ability to live elsewhere– and move his family. I believe there was mention of a brother as well.

  4. Of course he is going to say he didn’t brandish the gun. It’s like the “I only had two beers” defense when a cop pulls someone over for DUI. If his weapon was concealed, how did the neighbor know he had it on him at the time. I’m not saying he was going to use it, but it seems plausible that he showed off the gun to intimidate, seem tough, or shut the argument down.

  5. scampbell1975 says:
    Mar 14, 2011 10:19 AM
    Well, if someone filed a brandishing report then obviously your gun wasn’t “concealed” enough for them not to know you had it moron.

    Is it illegal to let someone know you have a gun? Seems like a good way to avoid a fight.

  6. And I’m going with the (pulls back his coat, reavealing aweapon in his waistband) idea. Although I believe conceal and carry may require a holster. (pulls back coat to reveal a holstered weapon) “You got a problem! Cuz”!

  7. Trying to make sense of Chris Cook or really anything the vike org does are a waste of time. Who needs to walk around with a gun all the time? A guy who’s most likely looking for trouble.

    But hey, keep defending stupidity… That’ll change things!

  8. Was it his parent’s house? If he was visiting his boyhood home (and some people would refuse to move to a better neighborhood if given the option), and the area is as rough as has been stated here, then he is well within reason to carry a gun. The fight may very well have been over old grievances that have festered as the other party followed Cook’s success. This is the problem with instant reporting of news…. Rarely are all the facts compiled before it is reported. I’d like to hear some third party accounts if there are any.

    BTW, when doing a search for the exact definition of “brandishing”, I came across this, and couldn’t believe it.
    Give it a read, and don’t go to Kansas.

  9. Goombar: he has a concealed carry permit……which means he broke no law by having it. Take a look at the world. I live in La crosse Wi. It’s getting to the point with all the imports from Chicago that it will be a need here. Crime has skyrocketed in this town. It’s gotten to the point you can’t walk the street alone at night. I’m sure Cooks hood is much worse. Anything to rip on the Vikes tho, right? If this was a Packer, you be ” let’s reserve judgement til all the facts are out.” Hypocritical idiots.

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