Jeff Pash talks lockout, negotiations, litigation, and other stuff

NFL general counsel Jeff Pash joined Monday’s edition of PFT Live for a comprehensive discussion regarding various issues that have arisen of late between the league and the players.

Though we’ve been posting specific chunks of the video, we thought it made sense to prepare the entire transcript of the 20-minute interview.

So here it is.  There’s some good stuff in there.  Mostly from Pash, not from the questioner.

UPDATE: For Pash’s full interview, watch right here.

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3 responses to “Jeff Pash talks lockout, negotiations, litigation, and other stuff

  1. This entire screw up by the NFL and the now existing players assoc. of the NFL is worse than the pol’s in DC blaming each other for spending too much. Both sides are liars. The fact is the owners are the boss so the players have to get used to it. This can be difficult to explain to grown men who have a very low level of maturity due to the BMOC complex most of them have had through out life.

  2. Jeff is a 5 million a year mouth piece, you know the kind, there clients get charge with a crime, he said they are always innocents, and the players have there own mouth piece to spin there message. Bill

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