League requiring G.M.’s to log all calls with agents

During the lockout, coaches aren’t allowed to talk to current players.  The supposed penalty is termination for cause.  (We’re sure the Pats will do that if they catch Bill Belichick in a Skype session with Tom Brady.)

General Managers face a far less bright line, given that they need to be talking to agents about potential draft picks.  Moreover, some G.M.’s are represented by agents who represent players.

In an effort to ensure that conversations don’t drift to matters relating to current players, General Managers are required to keep a log of every call with an agent, according to Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com.  Topics are limited to the incoming draft picks and personal business involving the G.M. and his agent.

The league supposedly is concerned that violations would used by the NFLPA* in litigation.  It’s not something that would be used in the antitrust litigation filed Friday in Minnesota; instead, potential problems would arise if the league secures a ruling forcing the union to reform, and when the league then persists with a lockout.  Under those circumstances, the league would want to give the non-asterisked NFLPA no basis for arguing that the league was doing anything to undermine the lockout status, or to encourage/urge players to practice or otherwise work out while being locked out.

As Marvez surmises, violations will still occur.  Even though many agents are aligned philosophically with the players, agents also have to eventually do business with the individual teams.  Thus, don’t count on any agents to blow the whistle if/when conversations with G.M.’s stray into forbidden territory.

5 responses to “League requiring G.M.’s to log all calls with agents

  1. Boycott them. Don’t buy their trash. Don’t support either side. Do whatever you can to reduce the money flow. That’s all they care about… so hit them where it hurts.

  2. Hey Mike, is it just a coincidence that you have a picture of Lily Tomlin attached to this article? Or is it because you are as far left as she is? Maybe next time you can show a picture of her good friend, Jane Fonda, then we can open up another can of worms.

  3. LOL, I’ll give you pretty good odds that the Redskins have already negotiated contracts with the agents of the free agent players they want. They do it every year before the start of Free Agency, why should this be any different?

  4. bluepike,

    I think he used that pic in reference to the ‘calling’ theme. That pic is Lilly Tomlin in her ‘operator’ comedy skit. I don’t think there was a ‘political’ statement intended.

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