NFLPA*: Players will be in New York, but things may be “different”

Coming on the heels of reports the NFLPA* plans to discourage incoming rookies from attending the NFL Draft in April, spokesman George Atallah gave an update Tuesday on the union’s position.

“Let me also correct the record: the NFLPA is not asking anyone to ‘boycott’ anything. NFL Draft in particular,” Atallah wrote.  [He forgot the asterisk.]  “The NFL Draft is special. Players and their families will be in NYC.  It just may be different. We will provide details when we can.”

“Different” would likely be a function run by the union, presumably with separate media.

So the league will be annoyed, fans will be annoyed, but there is only lucky ballroom in Manhattan that may make some extra coin this April.

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  1. The NFLPA will screw up the draft. In this case “different” will not be good. Sad for these kids that will be living out part of a dream.

  2. With every additional comment the artists formerly known as the NFPLA* sound more bitter, spiteful and contradictory. Wanna make a statement? How about Brees and Manning turn in their SB rings. Put your money where your mouth is.

  3. When can we have a poll to predict who will win this kindergarten PR battle?

    Put me in for “neither”

    Fans like me will be back, they know it, and I’m sure that that’s part of the problem.

    But I am absolutely positive that that nine billion dollar number won’t be nine billion anymore after a few months of nonsense like this.

  4. Asked again… Why does the union think it has any to mingle with non-union members? The union doesn’t even exist anymore!

  5. So, the NFL should just not televise the draft, or announce any results until a CBA is done.

    At this point the draft is worthless anyways.

    And the NFLPA trying to spin this like they aren’t asking players to boycott is stupid. They seem to think fans are idiots and playing on words will suffice. True colors are starting to shine through.

  6. ““Let me also correct the record: the NFLPA is not asking anyone to ‘boycott’ anything. NFL Draft in particular,” Atallah said. [He forgot the asterisk.] “The NFL Draft is special. Players and their families will be in NYC. It just maybe different. We will provide details when we can.””

    So, why should it be different again? Why does the former nflpa feel like messing up the draft for college kids? The players do realize they will be playing for their teams and the commissioner again right? No matter what anyone says this power struggle will affect locker rooms and relationships.

    I actually feel for the players being drafted…they are being hounded by the former nflpa and their agents and anyone else who has a hand in the players pocket once they get drafted. It is pretty discusting what ppl will do to other ppl for $$$.

    I really am discusted by what this is coming to.

  7. Hopefully “different” means that the insiders won’t be announcing the pick 30 seconds before the pick is made. The draft was robbed of the minimal suspense which it formerly had.

  8. It will be different in the sense that Goodell will be getting a dollar for his hugs instead of ten million this go round.

    Ten mil for a Goodell hug always seemed bit pricey anyway.

  9. “Different” would likely be a function run by the union, presumably with separate media.”

    Union? …I thought they decertified. ….Who’s going to be running this other “function”, the SEIU?

  10. I honestly don’t care to listen to interviews with players. I’m OK with just showing the selected players highlight reel & moving onto the next pick. Watching the so called experts speculate on which direction the next team picking will go in.

  11. ..and which network is going to buy the broadcast rights to this NFLPA draft party? Especially when there is no longer any NFLPA to accept payment or rent the ballroom.

    Will the NFL also allow this official draft party network into the NFL draft, so that they can combine coverage of the selections with the draftees themselves?

    ….And who will be awarding the hats and team jerseys, or would that be trademark infringement?

    Sounds like a great idea. I’ll bet they go through a lot of chicken wings and swedish meatballs.

  12. Wow!!! The NFLPA*should just remain silent until the court ruling. Most of you have extensive experience with that along with the…. anything you may say can be used against you part. The fans hate the former NFLPA* more and more every time they open their mouths. Keep talking clowns…… entertain us and torpedo yourselves at the same time. Priceless

  13. Truly unbelievable.

    I can’t believe these idiots are this dumb.

    It reminds me of the Lebron “Decision” last summer.

    Technically nothing wrong with it.

    But in terms of being smart and having a brain and thinking about public opinion? This is approaching “The Decision” levels.

  14. Yes. Its about the players, they will still get drafted just not be at the NFL sponsored party. Have the NFLPA draft and have the prospects, plus a lot of players from the Club formerly known as the NFLPA. Manning, Brady, Bradford. ..etc. Make it fan friendly and have a celebration at the end. See which ones the fans will go to? To see Chris Berman, Mel Kiper and crew with only highlights…Lol. Chapnastier aka Stupid will be there with the owners. When was the last time, he watched a game in the owners box? Thumbs down if you agree! Thumbs up for you love it!

  15. If I was a possible draftee I’d just give the Union the finger and go to the event. What are they not going to accept your union dues later on? Yeah right. Draftees are not even members of the union so why can’t the NFLPA leave them alone and let them enjoy the moment?
    My guess, “different” will mean trying to get as many high round draft picks to actually be in a union controlled environment while they wait to get picks so all the camera have to catch the union signs.

  16. Brees and Manning volunteered to turn in their Super Bowl rings, but not unless Tom Brady agreed to turn in one of his too. Since he has three of them you’d think that wouldn’t be a lot to ask of him, but he’s holding out. They’re thinking of hiring George Cohen to come in and mediate the dispute.

  17. So I suppose the now nonexistent union members will be there to picket and to try to intimidate the recruits and any fans who want to attend the draft. I hope the NYC riot police gas ’em and knock the crap out of them.

  18. Not sure what giving back rings would do for the bitter relationship between the players and the NFL, but this is not good press for the players.
    Owners are starting to win the public battle so
    just be patient. History is on the side of the owners.
    Players are all ready cracking.

  19. I have been mostly on the side of the NFLPA thought this, but that support is slowly eroding especially after this BS. The players and the NFLPA* are starting to act like brats, taking home their Frisbee so the other kids cant play because they dont like the way the game is being played.

  20. Someone tell these guys it’s the NFL draft not the NFLPA draft. Players need to keep in mind who’s signing their paychecks. The PA is coming across like a bunch of spoiled brats.

  21. The players are really starting to look bad here – one of them (and NOT ManBreeDy) needs to step up and say “you know, I’m a union guy and I won’t cross the line but Smith needs to shut his damn mouth here and let these kids enjoy the draft just like we got to.”

    Also I’m really starting to see a real strong correlation here between the retired players as the “greatest generation” and the players as the spoiled brat baby boomers.

  22. all the owners have to do is sit back, shut up, and let the NFLPA keep shooting themselves in the foot.

    Like I said I am a fan of the game, and the raiders. Whoever wears the silver and balck I’ll cheer for, and the day you put on another uniform I’ll root against you, but bottomline is I’ll be rooting….so if need be bring on the replacements, so be it. Go find guys that actually want to play. Go to the UFL, AFL, free agents, undrafted grocery clerks, etc…..Really as great as the Joe Montana’s, Walter Paytons, Johhny U, & Orenthal were, you just learn to root for the new guy. If it would mean parking is 2 bucks, beers and hot dogs are a buck fifty, and the game is 10 bucks, I am all the more for it.

    This way the current players won’t have to “swallow their pride”, and “risk their life everyday”.

  23. wonder what the non union/nflpa would do if the league did the same thing as decertify?
    HInt: what if the league decided to declare bankruptcy and shut its doors and start a new?

  24. The NFLPA will provide details “when they can”? What is he under a magic witch’s spell that prevents his voice from working to talk and tell us those details?

    Sounds like he can, but won’t, thus he should provide an explanation why he won’t instead of claiming that he cannot do what seemingly he can do?

    Just further evidence that the NFLPA is run by incompetent people that are of weak intelligence, that or they are compromised by greed. Again, they are clearly the ones at fault, and it shows every time they speak or write something, because they are unable to intelligently form a logical foundation for their position.

  25. They want to telivise it against the NFL Network and ESPN. These guys are real morons what Network will it be on CBS oh they do the NFL NBC oh they do the NFL and is owned by Comcast. Ok ABC oh they own ESPN ok Fox no no they do the NFL. And how many cable networks do the networks own a zillion. My guess is you can see the players on U-Stream or maybe they can do a Pay Per View Fund Raiser on Direct TV oh wait they do the NFL Sunday ticket maybe Dish. I think they might need to get PT Barnum to sell this one

  26. The NFLPA still exists, it just doesn’t have the right to collectively bargain on behalf of the players anymore. It’s more a trade association now than a union.

    That said, until these draft picks sign a contract, they’re not NFL players, and the NFLPA should have nothing to do with them.

  27. The NFLPA has no business asking the future players to boycott the NFL Draft. These players have worked their whole life to get to this opportunity and to be asked to not participate, to fulfill the NFLPA’s greed stance isn’t right. Not to mention they don’t even belong to the union yet and the new CBA could dramatically reduce the starting earning potential. Here’s a suggestion why don’t the NFL and NFLPA just shut up and get down to business.

  28. This is one way to solve the dispute over the 9Billion dollars.

    There will not BE 9 Billion in revenue after these fools are done tearing down their own fan base. I’m just about done with these morons.

  29. I’m ready for replacement players. That might salvage my viewership. Stiff these idiot players and show them how the rest of us live.

  30. I am with alot of you people, why should the nflpa* have the right to say, you shouldn’t go to RCMH, Alot of the guys who are saying dont do this got to live that dream. If i was getting drafted I would say the same think that Patrick Peterson said. I would definatly go, If you get invited to somthing special you should attend, It would be a dream! Forget you D Smith you stupid little gold digger

  31. I really hope these guys picket the draft. I’d love to see the fans boo them off the street. There may be equal blame but the players are losing the early rounds of the PR battle….badly.

  32. The NFLPA doesn’t represent those draftees. They decertified themselves. They don’t have the right anymore to speak for any of those players. The owners would be within their rights to simply start over by drafting an entire new team over 20 rounds and fill in with any former NFLPA players who slink back for the money. And the fans would still pay to see the product. Maybe even enjoy it more. Get a clue playa’s. You don’t own the game. You work in it. Those owners gotcha by the jewels. Settle fast and get back to entertaining us. That’s what you do.

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