PFT Live: Rosenhaus advises against organized team workouts

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus joined Mike Florio for the final segment of PFT Live to discuss the current lockout. Rosenhaus  says that it wouldn’t be in the players’ best interests to take part in organized workouts, as they won’t be covered by insurance if they get hurt. Rosenhaus also goes on to say that when it comes to whether his clients should show up for the NFL draft, he’s advised that they support their fellow players.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: Rosenhaus advises against organized team workouts

  1. shocking… someone who works for the players says that others should support the players…

  2. say what you want about rosenahus, but this guys will ALWAYS help the game to go on. DeMaurice wants to make a name, this guys has a name. Never will happen, makes way too much more money being an agent, but should have way more of a voice in this negotiation process. possible replacement for smith. He hasnt been there for so long bc owners/managament hates him; this guy straight up knows how to get deals done. good interview mike

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