Jenn Sterger sues manager over Favre-related texts and emails


It looks like we’re going to have Jenn Sterger back in our lives for a little while.  Or at least on PFT.

Neil Johnson of the Tampa Tribune reports that Sterger has sued her former manager Phil Reese over his possession of texts and emails relating to the Brett Favre scandal.

Sterger claims that Reese plans to use the emails and texts in a book that he’s writing.  Reese works for a P.R. agency in New York, but apparently has signed a book deal to write about his involvement in the Favre fiasco.  Sterger is asking a judge in Hillsborough County, Florida to invalidate an apparent separate book agreement Sterger entered with Reese.

Sterger seemed to lose public sympathy last year the longer her ordeal dragged on, but it’s hard not to feel bad for her here.

It seemed obvious all along she was accepting some bad advice during the whole mess, and this lawsuit is proof she had the wrong people running the show.

56 responses to “Jenn Sterger sues manager over Favre-related texts and emails

  1. Bad advice? How about assigning her some responsibility for the way this whole thing played out? All she had to do was delete the offensive material and not share it with anyone else. Everyone involved with this story is slimy.

  2. OK, so to sum up. Sterger wants the texts and emails back because her manager wanted to write a book and she needs them for a book she probably plans on writing.

    No honor among thieves!

  3. I’m with Team Favre on this one.

    My guess is that Favre didn’t just send unrequested d!ck picks out of the blue but that there was a mutual flirtation going on with lots of back and forth sexting.

    Sterger knew that Favre was a married man while all of this was going on so she shouldn’t have been flirting with him in the first place and then still knowing that Favre is married with a family chose to drag it all through the mud for public consumption to see if she could get 15 minutes of fame from it and barring that at least some cash.

    Faithfulness and monogamy are issues Favre has to decide for himself and deal with but to purposely hurt people for fame and/or money is wrong.

    So, no sympathy for Sterger here.

  4. Sterger is a hottie and the fact that Favre couldn’t seal the deal on that makes me chuckle.

    It isn’t the same sort of chuckle my wife makes every time his name is mentioned though.

  5. Unless the headline reads “Sterger Posing Nude for Playboy – See Pics Here”…..I’ll refrain from reading anything related to Jenn

  6. As long as the mess contributed in some small way to the disastrous season the Vikings had, it served its useful purpose. To have Favre cry in front of his teammates just before he took the field to throw a pick 6 in the Jets game or fight off reporter’s questions prior to subsequent games resulting in even more losses, Jenn Sterger might not have fared well in the court of public opinion but she exacted her revenge in the all important win and loss column.

    At this point, who really cares how her legal fight goes. The damage to BrINT’s reputation and career is forever stained. Its hard to stain the Viking’s franchise, it has so many sordid chapters with Chris Cook contributing a new one just last week.

  7. You better be careful Gregg. She might try to sue you next, since you wrote an article about her.

  8. Dang old man favre, should of just stick to your wife. She aint ugly, what are you doing texting other females for? Haha did you think you would of gotten away? Should of retired after you left the pack, that way you would of never met Jenn and you would of never gotten yourself in this mess. I know your wife will never look at you the same way, she will never trust you like before. Cmon gramps, retire, cool off and come get your number retired in green bay and do what kobe did, buy your wife a big fat ring

  9. But if she freely entered into a book agreement of her own (as an intelligent, college grad adult), isn’t this proof that she was ultimately looking for a payout? In which case, no it’s NOT hard not to feel bad for her.

    Did that agreement w/Reese prohibit him from making a separate deal of his own? Does Jenn retain exclusive rights to the material? Not enough details here to decide that. That might give her grounds to file the suit though. But I still can’t muster alot of sympathy for her. You reap what you sow…

  10. Last time i checked, this wasnt football news.

    However….if pft is going to include a clevage pic, I fully approve of this report

  11. any one else tired of fake titties. it seems any chick can be a hottie now. just get a boob job and a nose job and tons of makeup . i have felt fake tits before they are so hard and feel wierd.

  12. This was ALL about the money all along. And PFT you feel sorry for her? Your sorry this story can’t go on and on and on. She wanted to write a book. She needed the league to impose a more severe punishment on Favre than it did. No book no money. Oh and by the way all of you that are tired of Favre. Quit clicking on a story with his name in it.

  13. @JimmySmith …

    It’s sad that a fan whose team has just won the Super Bowl can only take pleasure in negative things that happen to other teams and players. And given the sordid mess surrounding Brandon Underwood–not to mention the mud his behavior temporarily sloshed on his teammates–you shouldn’t talk about any stains to the Vikings’ reputation.

  14. “Want to see my Danny Woodhead?”

    That isn’t a joke. I just think he’s a good player wanted to name my…

  15. Um, Gregg … her “ordeal” didn’t drag on. She initiated the incident by showing off her private wee-wee collection, then fueled it by postponing meetings with the NFL while trying to extort all parties involved. Now she’s trying to profit from a book deal. Don’t kid yourself–she was running the show.

  16. Sterger is just upset that her manager got all the GOOD pictures!

    I wonder when when Favre and Reese are going to register for china, sterling, etc?

  17. I will never forgive Jenn Sterger for allowing my eyes to see Brett Favre’s hillbilly penis. I was supposed to live my entire life without that image entering my brain. Thanks, Jenn. Just as I was getting over having seen Greg Oden’s firehose, too.

  18. What is most predictable?

    A. Death?

    B. The rising and setting of the sun?

    C. Taxes?

    D. Jimmy commenting on a Viking’s story?

    E. Deb mouthing off at Jimmy while defending that stupid, self important pig Faver?

    VERY CLOSE but, I’m inclined to go with “E”

    But, feel free to post your own vote!

  19. dldavidlong says: Mar 16, 2011 6:15 PM

    any one else tired of fake titties. it seems any chick can be a hottie now. just get a boob job and a nose job and tons of makeup . i have felt fake tits before they are so hard and feel wierd.

    Mannequins and trannies don’t count. Just in case you didn’t know.

  20. Deb, cmon. You arent comparing the two franchises are you? The Vikings history is littered with this kind of behavior. Forget the obvious differences in titles—these two couldnt be more different.

  21. Kind of hard to sympathize with someone who attempted to extort and is now the “extortee”.

  22. Wait. She is filing a suit to get back emails and texts dealing with her “sexual harassment” experience? The same pictures she laughed about, kept for a future money grab, and then claimed she was emotionally distressed about…those texts? I hope the Favre camp files an extortion suit against this woman.

  23. Deb says:. And given the sordid mess surrounding Brandon Underwood


    What is so sordid about hiring a woman of the evening? As they say, you don’t pay them to have sex, you pay them to leave immediately after having sex. Maybe that’s the romantic in me talking.

    And if you worked where I worked with all the no-nothing Viking fans, only then could you begin to understand why I derive pleasure from their misfortune and there is so much of it.

  24. @dude still obsessed with me …

    Interesting that you find it out of line for people to comment in the comment section of a football blog. Oh, but wait a minute … you only have a problem with the woman. Shouldn’t you see a sex therapist for that? And I never said anything to defend Favre in my comment. You seem as obsessed with him as you are with me. Be sure to mention that in your therapy session.

  25. People who don’t READ books, should never be paid to WRITE a book.

    I’m looking at you, too, Keyshawn.

  26. @kiefs85 …

    Wasn’t comparing the two franchises, but believe every franchise has its share of good and not-so-good guys. Think it’s okay to call out people but fans should be careful about slamming a team for one person’s behavior. Never know when one of your players will embarrass your team.

    @JimmySmith …

    Don’t blame you for slamming rival fans who give you a hard time. But sometimes you seem really mean-spirited.

    How Underwood spends his money is his business … until he gets into a physical altercation w/his hookers that goes public. His wife was giving birth, prostitution is illegal, and after he got into the fight w/them, they falsely accused his teammates of rape. That was pretty sordid. He should have been suspended. But though Goodell talks a good game about the personal conduct policy, he only suspends or fines big name players who get media attention, not guys like Underwood who fly under the national news radar.

  27. Why in the hell is this news? Nobody cares about her and why is it on PFT this is just stupid

  28. Remember when all she was known as was the “hot FSU chick?” Those were simpler times….

  29. This girl would be right at home on the Playboy channel . She looks the part and acts the part . Bottom line , she looking to make a buck .

  30. JimmySmith says:
    Mar 16, 2011 9:57 PM
    And if you worked where I worked with all the no-nothing Viking fans, only then could you begin to understand why I derive pleasure from their misfortune and there is so much of it.

    Maybe you should learn how to spell “know” before you call someone else a “no-nothing.”

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