Jets say they haven’t slammed the door on media requests

Greg Bishop of the New York Times recently reported that the Jets are declining all interview requests during the lockout. Specifically, Bishop reported that team spokesman Bruce Speight said the Jets will be “refusing all interview requests to speak with coaches or other team executives.”

The Jets have contacted us to say that’s not the case.

Speight advises PFT that the Jets routinely consider — and will continue to consider media requests on a case-by-case basis.

“Yesterday, our special teams coach, Mike Westhoff, spoke at a school,” Speight said.  “His entire speech was on the record and he was available to media afterward where he fielded questions about the draft, pay reduction and the current labor situation.

“We shared a statement from Mr. Johnson over the weekend regarding the unions’ decision to decertify.  On Friday, Mr. Johnson spoke at a business luncheon for the NJ Performing Arts Center and spoke with media afterwards.

“From a social media perspective, Matt Higgins, our EVP for Business Operations, is consistently engaging both fans and media through his Twitter account and we are engaging fans through our Facebook account.

“Quite honestly, we have not received a lot of requests.”

So there you have it.  The Jets are still open for business, from a media perspective.

For at least three weeks out of each month.