Another NFL player hops to Arena League

The Arena League has signed on another player from an NFL roster.

Just like Troy Bergeron you have probably never heard of the guy.  (Sorry Troy.)  The Arizona Rattlers signed wideout Rod Windsor, who is on the Browns’ roster.

Windsor likely knows he’s a longshot at best to stick in Cleveland next year, so he’s taking work where he can.

“We assumed there would be players that would join the AFL. We are not sure how big the influx will be,” AFL Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz said in a statement. “We are confident that the NFL issues will be resolved and they will play this season. We work well in conjunction with the NFL and they have supported us and our players greatly.”

We’ll really have a story if a player as productive as Jason Babin changes allegiances.  We don’t expect that to happen until the Fall.

8 responses to “Another NFL player hops to Arena League

  1. Is this “AFL” I keep seeing references to the Arena Football Leauge or is there something else out there as well?

  2. So all the players at the bottom of the pay scale (and who the NFLPA doesn’t give a flip about) are looking for work…no surprise there. These guys probably don’t even want a lockout…they just want to play football and continue to pursue their dream. Unfortunately, Smith’s dream takes precedence over EVERYONE else’s.

  3. For everyone blaming this whole mess on De Smith, try to remember that there would be no lockout/court battle if the players didn’t vote to go along with him on this. The players gave him the power and they can take it away. The longer this goes, the more the players will get restless and clamor to go back to work.

  4. Dear Gregg,

    We are going to have to change your title from “Another NFL player hops to Arena League” to “Another NFL bench jockey hops to Arena League.” Hope you don’t mind.

    PFT Editorial Team

  5. Listened to the SJ Sabercats vs. KC Command game last night – Cats cruised to a 21-6 lead well into the first half but late in the first half the game exploded – the Cats led 34-28 at the half, then the Command raced to a 57-50 lead late in the 4th; the Cats scored, got a pick, then kicked the winning FG with two seconds left – 60-57 win for San Jose.

    God, I want more AFL games on TV and want to see a New England Arena Football Team like the old Manchester Wolves and New England Surge.

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