DeMaurice Smith seems to support further negotiations


At a time when the owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell uniformly want to see more negotiation with the players and mixed signals are coming from the players regarding whether negotiations will occur before the April 6 hearing on the motion to lift the lockout while the Brady antitrust case continues, NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith says that there’s no reason talks can’t occur.

“What came out of the Reggie White lawsuit?” Smith said during a Thursday interview with Mike Francesa of WFAN in New York.  “A CBA that has done nothing but grow the game.  We have lawyers and class counsel who are representing us. There’s no reason why those lawyers and class counsel and lawyers for the league can’t get together and talk and negotiate.”

Smith needs to tel that to the NFLPA* source who told Adam Schefter of ESPN that there’s “no chance” of any negotiations before April 6.  Even though Smith technically has no power over the negotiations, he is the once and future leader of the union, ruling now discreetly as the head of a legally impotent trade association.  But Smith is still calling the shots, and if he wants negotiations to occur, he simply needs to tell the lawyers to turn on their meters and get to work.

To quote the immortal words of Mickey Goldmill, “What are we waitin’ for?  Take us!

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  1. April 6 = the real deadline…if it goes to a judgment, one of two things will happen…(1) the NFL wins…(2) the players win and the NFL owners are so irritated they desolve the NFL into 32 separate entities with no salary cap and only a federal $7.25/hr minimum wage…then you’ll have the ultra-expensive players and the ultra-poor players.

    The NFLPA* is only interested in protecting the elite players. The fringe players are on their own. I feel sorry for those hard working guys that can’t catch on right now.

  2. Ummm… I’m at a loss to come up with an analogy to properly mock Smith’s statement that Reggie White’s lawsuit deserves the credit for the growth of the NFL

    Apparently he thinks advertising and NFL broadcast revenues would not have grown without free agency?

  3. who cares? he isnt supposed to have a job there anymore.

    the fact he hasnt gone away MEANS DECERT WAS A SHAM.

  4. Don’t get your hopes up.
    Both sides are in PR mode.

    Maybe they should have the reporters sit down and negotiate, that’s the only people both sides are talking to right now..

  5. If they want to negotiate they can. When you say you don’t want to negotiate anymore then are you really looking to get a deal done? Or are you just so pissed off that you rather take a chance in court to get what you think is fair?

    If you really want a deal then put your emotions aside and get a deal done. No room for emotions in business. That’s why you have a bunch of players saying dumb stuff because they have no business sense and don’t even know what’s going on. The funny part of all this is that last week when they “decertified” the owners came out immediately and let everyone know the deal the players turned down. What did the players say in response? Nothing but “they wouldn’t open the books”. They said nothing about the deal. They’ll mess around go to court and get the same deal the owners offered last Friday while trying to rob rookies of one of the biggest moments in their lives.

  6. I remember the first time i saw this guy, the first word that came to mind was ” weasel “

  7. If the decertification is not a “sham” then there is no longer an “us” for D-bag Smith to negotiate for. Let me see if I’ve got this right… the “union” reps (who walked away from negotiations) are now willing to pay different lawyers (and cause the owners to pay their other lawyers) to do the job they were supposed to do in good faith in the first place…for no additional cost. Really?!? Paying someone else to do your job will bring in extra money? These guys are truly morons.

  8. Wouldn’t the Union have to legally re-certify before they can continue bargaining?

    If the Union legally doesn’t exist, then who exactly would the NFL be bargaining with? Management can’t collectively bargain with itself – there has to be a counterparty and right now, as I understand it, no such counterparty exists.

    Can you guys take a stab at explaining this?

  9. I really can’t stand this guy. Especially telling the potential rookies not to go to the draft? That’s a bitter “ex-girlfriend” type of move that screams out loud that this is a “break-up”. I thought the whole point was for everyone to “stay together” so we can have football…

  10. The best way for this to get done is for DeMoron Smith to resign and they have someone else handle the negotiations.

  11. Mike,

    One more picture of Demo today and you’ll find a flaming bag of poop or your porch.


  12. DeMaurice Smith has no connection to the game itself and hasn’t demonstrated any particular to that “thing” about it that we all love and cherish. He has no experience as a labor negotiator. he does have experience as a prosecutor, a litigator, and a trial lawyer. The players who hired him knew who and what they were hiring and where they wanted this to go. The fans care about the game. Some of the owners care about the game. But the current NFLPA as an organization apparently doesn’t.

  13. He ‘seems’ to support it? I can tell you something I don’t ‘seem’, get this clown out of there! Every time I see his face I just get madder. He is killing our game! And puppets like drew brees aren’t helping the situation!

  14. If DeMaurice Smith wants it, he can negotiate – all he has to do is start getting realistic about the game and about the cost of doing business in the game.

  15. duh cant negotiate. HE NO LONGER HAS STANDING.


    take note little union people out there (not including wisconsin teachers or michigan public setor union types).


  16. Its very clear that by “negotiate” he means the NFL can settle his lawsuit. He clearly was not talking about negotiating the way most of us talk about it – thus the reason he reference the Reggie White case basically saying see what came out of that, lets get the lawyers together. Not the players, not the owners – the lawyers.

    So please, lets not pretend he wants to negotiate. He wants to litigate.

  17. I have instructed my broker to move me, heavily, into tar and feathers futures.
    When the players finally realize they have been played by De(tritus) Smith for his next big DC litigation partner gig I am going to make a killing!
    The opt-in price is rising, fellows! Get in now!

  18. Of course DeMaurice Smith supports further negotiations. But my guess is not until AFTER the players are granted preliminary injunctive relief and the lockout is lifted, which, unfortunately, I think is likely to happen. With that new-found leverage, the lawyers for the plaintiffs will be more than happy to start negotiating.

  19. Negotiate means show the players the $$$$$. The owners cant scrape a billion off the top and look for more without financial transparency.

    Either open the books to the NFLPA or open them up to the courts. This is a big game of chicken. The players know the owners do not want to go to court with the chance they may possibly have to open up their books.

    I cannot support the owners after years of swindling the fans and players.

  20. Mr. Smith is doing such a bang up job of this affair maybe we can get him to straighten out the Bowl Championship in college ball.

  21. Hey De–here is an idea. Reach into your pocket, pull out that smartphone the players pay for, call your Lawyers and instruct them to call the NFL lawyers..Pull a Monty Hall and “make a deal”.

  22. Why’d he want to keep negotiating if it’s the “worst deal in the history of sports”?? Makes no sense…

    ‘Course, it’s just emotional trial lawyer garbage. I know that. It’s just hard to even TRY to give him the benefit of the doubt, anymore.

  23. Owners -Own
    Fans-PAY for it all IE; products,direct tv,NFL gear,tickets,parking,concessions………

    I truly believe the owners understand that without us they have nothing , the players give lip service to the fans and D Smith cant even say the word fans sincerely.

    I understand the players not wanting to give money back , but do you TRUST the owners or the players to continue growing this great game and ensuring it will be around??

    If the NFLPA really wanted to deal and NOT decertify it would have gotten done without the courts! STOP endangering OUR (fans) season and negotiate!!!!

  24. Though they can’t discipline him as an employee of the league, the NFL is not happy to see Mo flashing gang signs in interviews.

  25. I’m going to keep asking…is anyone or has anyone confirmed that Smith is getting paid that 68 cents or whatever it was that he countered he would take when he heard of Gooddell’s taking the $1? Gooddell and Pash are doing it and in Pash’s case his insurance is coming out of his own pocket now. WHAT ABOUT DE???? DID HE LIE ABOUT THAT???? Or will he give us some trial lawyer-y type technicality like, “Oh what I MEANT was that IF we weren’t LOCKED OUT I would have”….etc.

  26. Just make sure both sides take care of the bench warmers!! They work just as hard as the elite players!!!!

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