Lack of teams needing a running back could push Ingram down board


In today’s NFL, you need to be a really special running back to get considered at the top of the draft.

That type of back isn’t in this year’s class.  Alabama running back Mark Ingram comes closest, but he’s seen more as a safe, rugged selection rather than a Adrian Peterson-like standout.

That’s not the only reason why Ingram could “fall” on draft to the end of the first round or possibly the second round.   A general manager asked’s Steve Wyche a great question: How many teams really need a running back right now?

Wyche’s list: Miami, Washington, and Seattle.  In all three cases, the teams still have bigger needs.  We might add New England, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati to that list, but again those teams don’t need one early in the draft.

Ingram should be a solid Pro, but is he a better prospect than Steven Jackson was coming out of school?  Jackson fell to No. 24 in 2004, and it wouldn’t be a shock if Ingram fell further because so few teams are desperately seeking running backs.

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  1. He would be a good fit in the zone blocking schemes in Washington and Seatle but unfortunately for him you don’t need to spend high draft pick for running backs in that scheme either.

  2. What about add the giants to that list. I don’t see why they would pay so much for jacobs, and bradshaw has injury/fumble issues. If Ingram falls to 19, I think its a solid move….that or take an OT

  3. It sucks to say but how often does a team lose because they “need” a Runningback. The Packers might have had the worst runningback situation in the league last year and the Steelers were winning Bowls with Willie Parker. It’s more likely your team needs OL, Secondary, Pass Rush (or QB for the unfortunate).

  4. Seattle? Really?

    They just gave Leon Washington a big contract, and traded for Marshawn Lynch, who earned an extension with that run against the Saints alone.

    I don’t see it.

    I had him falling to the Saints in the joint mock I did with a friend last night, so @breeshasabush should be happy.

  5. Steven Jackson is 6’2 236 pounds and an absolute beast, Ingram is what 5’9 or 10. Apples and Oranges comparison.
    Why would any team waste a first round pick on a running back, when they can get the likes of Legarrette Blount undrafted?

  6. Miami has bigger needs than running back? I must have missed that. No running backs under contract for next season and not a songle running back running for 100 yards last season. Seems like a logical fit to me and I don’t see a problem with taking this guy at 15.

  7. If I remeber ap was a no draft they kept saying. I remeber hearing it wasn’t smart to pick him with his shoulder. Look how smart the draft people were. So ur facts r wrong that ap was a standout. He was a huge question mark

  8. Bring him to down to dirty Duval and tandem him up with MJD, if Jimmy Smith is off the board.

    To win in the AFC South you have to pound the rock and keep the explosive offenses on the sidelines.

    History shows the Jags win when they have a double headed monster at RB and it also shows that Garrard can’t consistently hit a WR in stride more than 15 yards down field.

    Ingram will take some wear and tear off the leagues best pound-for-pound tailback and allow the Jags to move MJD into positions where he can get the ball in open space.

    If Del Rio wants to save his job it would make no sense going for a QB or a WR in the 1st. Since every other completion Garrard makes is a checkdown to his running back or tight end, we might as well bring in a weapon he can use.

  9. Running back may be a need for Miami, but RBs can be a dime a dozen and value can be had at any round of the draft. Who knows how free agency will shape up, but there’s going to be A LOT of potential FAs out there at running back. This is also assuming they don’t sign one of the two of RB and RW.

  10. Anyone else see Ingram as a little better version of Warrick Dunn? A shorter back that can take it to the inside or outside and has the moves and power to break one on a semi-regular basis.

    Also Jackson should never have fallen lower than the Bucs at 15. Nor should AP have fallen below 4th. Instead we got Clayton and Gaines (RIP). To be fair though I wanted Mike Williams (USC not SYR) at 5 instead of Caddy. So I am not always right (although it’s looking like that is turning around).

  11. First off, Gregg, I dispute any thoughts that Mark is anything less than a special back. I am NOT a fan of Alabama or the SEC but the kid won a Heisman so he must have done SOMETHING to earn it. Given the fact that his numbers would have been better in a one-back system, I think he did damn good at Alabama. I also think that given their position in the draft that the Colts MAY have bigger wants, like OL but I think that he would be the best available player if he lasts that long and they’d be stupid to bypass him for someone else. He can not only run but he can also catch the ball and any team with a need at RB that passes him up would be fools.

  12. @Edgy: Heisman doesn’t prove he’s a special player, it just proves he had one special year in COLLEGE. Ask Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith, Jason White, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Ron Dayne (should I continue?) how much the Heisman has helped them in the NFL. Heisman is an award saying you had the best year in college football against far-less talent than you’ll face in the NFL. With that said, I don’t know if Ingram’s going to be good or not, but don’t call him a special player simply BECAUSE OF the Heisman.

  13. Injury risk is about the only risk when looking at this back. He will be a stud. Had he not gotten hurt or had another stud in the backfield with him at bama his stats would be even sicker. He can be a stud in the NFL and will be one. No way he falls out of top 20.

    Also to the guy who said W.Dunn, you have no clue. Dunn was a solid sometimes good back. Ingram will be a beast.

    The Packers did win with there passing game and defense, but Starks was key many times(playoff game against Philly) and Jackson is a solid back up and receiver out of the backfield.

  14. As a Cowboy fan, I’d like to see him be our 2nd round pick. Even if we need to trade up. Cut MB3. Him a Felix would be a nice duo, IMO.

  15. canjura says:


    Did you stop at the word Heisman? I think I gave a very good reason why he’s a special player…

  16. getting a running back in the first round is bad draft strategy short shelf life, injury prone, and there are runningbacks everywere. Plus Miami’s O-line sucks getting ingram with our line will be like getting top of the line gas without a car

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