Texans players want Bob McNair to play bigger role in labor talks


If the owners and players somehow find a way back to the bargaining table in the next couple of weeks, a big factor in the success of talks will be the people sitting around the table.

Because of union decertification, the players would be represented by a class counsel and some of those players know who they’d like to see on the other side.  Members of the Texans believe that their team’s owner, Bob McNair, would give talks the best chance of success. Offensive tackle Eric Winston, an alternate player representative, explained the rationale to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

“Mr. McNair’s a good businessman who’s a voice of reason, and I’d love to see him get involved,” said Winston. “He’s a moderate voice.”

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans echoed Winston’s statement about McNair. Both men also expressed their dislike for the letter Roger Goodell sent to players, with Winston saying the Commissioner’s inability to make a deal without the owners is part of the reason he wants McNair in the room.

For his part, McNair said last week that he thinks the labor strife will end before too much damage is done to the game. He had some harsh words for the players as well, but nothing that seemed to dissuade a couple of them from thinking that McNair could be a man who helps everyone move forward.

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  1. wow, finally a progressive and positive statement…i wonder what d’bag smith and his boys will think of this

  2. Give the players what they want, seems to me there are more moderate owners than not. No excuses if you give them what they want and they can’t settle this.

  3. De Smith should send out a daily e-mail to each and every player showing that day’s accumulated legal costs. Numerous lawyers, toiling away at $500 per hour, likely in several cities will escalate in a hurry.

    These players, many of whom are strapped for cash as they support multiple homes, cars, women and large posse, would be shocked at what their association is spending on legal fees.

    All of which could be done away with if they would simply sit down and negotiate.

  4. The Texans players want Bob McNair in on the negotiations because they know he is a fair man, good business man, and an owner they like, respect and trust.
    Sounds to me like the Texans players are the smartest players by far in the whole league. At least MUCH smarter than Peterson, Brees, Mendenhall, Burnett and that punter guy from Minnesota( not that punters count anyway)

    At least the Texans players sound like reasonable young men who think for themselves, and aren’t blindly following the lead of a Pied Piper. They are appreciative and grateful to their owner. That is missing from the rest of the spoiled, greedy players who are ingrates to the league and owners who allowed them to become millionaires in the first place.

  5. I don’t care if it is Rosie O’Donnel & Rosanne Barr, whomever can get the job done, get them in the negotiating room.

    Contrary to the comment of McNair, IMO, too much damage has already been done because this thing is already to a point that the fans are beginning to retreat!

  6. What’s up all. First time; long time here. I have never joined such a blog before, however the NFL players and NFLPA* have prompted me out.

    I am so sick of the Players and NFLPA *owner and NFL deal bashing. Where is their “bleeping” counter offer? It is obvious to me that they DO NOT want to negotiate and feel that they have a better chance in our “fair” court system. It seems that the owners and the NFL are the only ones who are conceding and making counter offers. They seem genuinely interested in getting back to the table.

    I LOVE my football. However at this point; as a 38 year old fan from the age of 4; I would almost enjoy a portion of the year where the players do not get paid. This whole thing has me that upset with the players. It would take me 5 lifetimes to make even what a marginal player makes.

    Keep fighting and not working toward a resolution, players. I, for one, would be happy to watch you squirm as your paychecks do not arrive.

    I will play this game for $1. Give me a call, NFL. I’m ready to do meet any of your requirements to play the game that I love. I would LOVE and take full advantage of another chance to play competitive football!!

    I, for one, do not NEED to watch overpaid players such as Brady, Manning, Fat Albert, etc., etc., Give me a hard working player, playing for the love of the game first, and then the money.

    I CAN watch football without all of the egos.

    There are 100’s and 1000’s of college players that I would much rather watch play this game. Some of them simply need a chance. So word of warning to the egos that will be entering the draft and who are considering a boycot… I DO NOT CARE about you. If you are willing to disrespect the Professional game before even playing a down….. without attending even your first practice….. then I honestly do not care if you do play for my favorite team.

    Get it together players. You are taking for granted that we cannot live without you. WE CAN. It is the GAME OF FOOTBALL that we cannot live without. YOU do not make the game. The GAME makes you.

    Take the Billions that you have been offered for past, present, and future players and move on!



    A FANATIC of the NFL.

  7. Yesterday, I blasted the players, today is for the owners…

    Successfully negotiating a deal, that paid cash in the event of a lockout, was a pretty crappy thing to do, and has ultimately led to this huge lack of trust. (Specifically MY DirecTV money!! Which of course I’ve cancelled since then!!)

    It’s time to change the business model…. The days of paying your wife’s brother a salary for picking his nose, are GONE!! We’ve ALL had to change our business model in this economy, and legitimate business expenses are imperative, going forward.

    It was the OWNERS that declared the players as business parteners, and now it’s finally time to start acting like it!! You’ve offered the last five years of “open books”, and while that should be sufficient for ANY negotiation, it’s important going forward, to have an “Open Book” policy, making sure this NEVER happens again.

    Look, it’s your money, and you can do what you want with it…… but YOU are the one’s that declared a partenership, and anyone would expect their business partener to be “straight up” with the receipts!!

    Going forward, it’s time to run an efficient operation, that can withstand the scrutiny of ANYONE challenging legitimate expenses.

    What’s in the past, is in the past….. it’s time to clean it up and do the right thing for the FUTURE of the game!!

  8. I don’t think the other owners want a mediocre settlement that comes from McNair. Of course their players want Casper Milk Toast.

  9. The less the players make, the better off the game is. Its just true. Please stay strong, owners!

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