Writer paints unpleasant picture of Pat Bowlen’s health

The gathering of NFL owners in New Orleans for league meetings will result in plenty of real-time reporting and observations on Twitter.

An early  eyebrow-raiser comes from Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, who says that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen looks “frail and out of it.”

“His right-hand man just had to show him how to get in a car,” Hubbuch writes.  “Sad.”

Rumors and reports have been emerging for months regarding Bowlen’s health.  The team consistently has denied that Bowlen is ill.

If he is, we wish him well.

32 responses to “Writer paints unpleasant picture of Pat Bowlen’s health

  1. Why do they keep trying to fool everybody?

    It’s like the Wizard of OZ, someone is behind the curtain pulling the strings.

  2. Elway doesn’t have enough green to buy the team.
    Surely if he is in declining health a few of the other owners must know. Stan Kroenke in play??? He already has the Nuggets, and Avalanche. He can have his wife “buy” the Broncos or sell her the Rams and him buy the Broncsos.

  3. Broncos fan by proxy, since the fine piece of woman who shares my bed with me is a huge one. Here’s hoping that it’s nothing serious and he has a speedy recovery.

  4. Tweet something like that and its his opinion and speculation at this point. Disrespectful. Why doesn’t he do what reporters use to do, investigate, interview, and research before reporting. Just disrespectful and lazy reporting.

  5. Whoa. Major timeout.

    Nobody, NOBODY deserves to be suffering in this type of way and to have people standing to the side and snickering at them.

    Shame on you.

  6. Mike,

    I know there is always a rough judgement call as to whether or not you are going to repost this type of reporting.

    As a fan of your site I want my voice to be heard in saying that I would be in great favor of you not reposting this type of reporting in the future.

    You can post that whatshisname is reporting that Bowlin appears gravely ill or something along those lines and offer us a link but you don’t need to add your name to this sort of demeaning “reporting.”

    The specific would likely be humiliating to Bowlin (or any of us if we were in the same predicament I should think) if he read them and there is no reason to add that negativity to the world.

    And I’m not only a Colts fan but a pretty vocal anti-owner person on the boards. So its not like I’m such some Broncos fan who is thin skinned.

  7. “SpartaChris says: Mar 20, 2011 7:36 PM

    Broncos fan by proxy, since the fine piece of woman who shares my bed with me is a huge one.”

    You mean someone who posts on this site has kissed a girl? Shocking!

  8. Really don’t know the man. From what I have seen of him seems to be a good onwer. I wish him well, and if he is ill. We all should pray for him.

  9. That is the kind of tweet you would expect from someone named Bart Hubbuch. Especially a guy named Bart Hubbuch who looks like the person in the picture on his Twitter page. Even more especially from a guy named Bart Hubbuch who looks like the guy in the picture on Bart Hubbuch’s Twitter account who makes a living writing for the New York Post.

  10. This is for all those who scoffed at the jokes and rumors going around about the NY Post recruiting from special ed classes. Clear visual evidence. Accept it and own it.

  11. PFT, keep bringing back Bart Hubbuch. (Lol, I just said “Bart Hubbuch”).

    Anyway, keep bringing him back, there is a lot of pent up bile that still remains to be spewed on the stupid turd.

  12. From a Patriots fan, We have so much respect for that team and that city and it’s all due to the steady hands of Pat Bowlen as Broncos owner. We all hope no truth be found in these rumors.

  13. Live in Denver, rumors last couple of years, Elway has been trying to assemble group to buy Broncos. Only rumors, but have heard them frequently.

  14. Prognosis is pretty bad…..Apparently Josh McDaniels is his doctor.

    He already has traded his liver for 2 appendices and a 4th round draft pick.

  15. Rumors have been going around for months here in Denver that Bowlen is suffering from dementia. The tweeter was just making an observation. If Robert Kraft or Bud Adams showed up looking awful I am sure he would have tweeted it as well.

  16. I hope there is a succession plan that doesn’t involve a trust fund baby taking over control.

  17. SpartaChris says: Mar 20, 2011 7:36 PM

    “..since the fine piece of woman who shares my bed with me..”

    let her hear you say that and it’s hello couch.

  18. 3octaveFart says:
    Mar 20, 2011 9:03 PM
    SpartaChris says: Mar 20, 2011 7:36 PM

    “..since the fine piece of woman who shares my bed with me..”

    let her hear you say that and it’s hello couch.
    Yeah, no biggie, she’s used to me saying things like that by now. When I told her I said it, she merely rolled her eyes. Would take a lot more than that for her to boot me to the couch.

  19. Mike, you know the New York Post is one of the least reputable papers in the country and has always been almost on a par with supermarket tabloids. No matter what rumors have been swirling about Bowlen, anything tweeted by a Post reporter has to be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve seen clips of Bowlen walking to and from CBA negotiations and he was walking without assistance.

    I certainly hope Mr. Bowlen is well, but whether he is or not, I wouldn’t take a Post reporter’s word for his appearance since they’re well-known for embellishing.

    SpartaChris … thanks for lightening up an otherwise sad topic. Yes, since it was a bizarre backward compliment, that comment probably would have just inspired eye-rolling from me, too LOL

  20. Find a pic of him next to Al Davis the Raiders owner and he will look like a young man…..actually anyone alive next to Al Davis looks like a young person….

  21. Pat Bowlen is an honorable, decent and overly trusting owner who has a “hands off” approach with coaches. Unfortunately, this overly-trusting approach led to many unchecked excesses on the part of past coaches.

    The man was obviously exhibiting “diminished mental capacity” with the hiring and worse, – support for Mc Hoodie the Destroyer.

    The Broncos are a good 4-6 years away from being relevant. Tragically, Pat Bowlen will probably never see another Lombardi trophy in Denver.

    Get well Mr. Bowlen, you are a decent, honorable man.

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