Lions appeal tampering ruling


By all appearances, the Detroit Lions were caught red-handed in a tampering case involving the Kansas City Chiefs, based in part on the public comments of Lions defensive coordinator (and former Chiefs head coach and defensive coordinator) Gunther Cunningham.  And the penalty imposed by the league office seemed more than reasonable, in comparison to the sanction levied against the 49ers several years ago for tampering with Bears linebacker Lance Briggs.

Nevertheless, Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday, via Tom Kowalski of, that the Lions have appealed the finding, which resulted in the Lions losing a seventh-round draft pick acquired from the Broncos in 2010, and swapping spots with the Chiefs in round five.

With the 49ers losing a fifth-round pick and swapping spots in round three with the Bears for doing the same thing, the Lions should have faced a stiffer penalty for being one of the rare teams to be caught with hands pressed against the bottom of the cookie jar, and mouth full of baked butter, flour, eggs, baking soda, salt, sugar, yeast, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips.

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  1. When will the players realize that making lots of money as a football player is a privilege and not a right. If they don’t like the work conditions, go find another job. The players need to realize it’s football we love and not the players. Old players retire and new players come in and we still watch the games. If they used replacement players, I bet 80%+ of fans would still watch. I know I would and I’d root for my team with the same passion as I do with the current players.

  2. Wonderful post Betty Crocker. So when is any pertinent information going to come along? IE: Owners and players reach a deal! That’s all we really care to hear about.

  3. Except, of course, the Niners didn’t actually do any tampering.

    The didn’t talk with the player or the players agent about joining the Niners.

    But good ole Roger never let the facts get in the way of handing out punishments and making gag orders.

    Ask the players that were fined by good ole Roger for perfectly legal tackles.

  4. Who puts yeast in chocolate chip cookies? Especially when baking soda has already been added? Too much leavening. We’re not making bread here, come on!

  5. If my memory serves correct, the Gunther Cunningham made a statement along the lines of ‘they keep cutting players loose and we will be here to catch them’ when discussing the Lions waiver pickup of Turk McBride. It had something to do with Jarrod Page.

    The 49ers were caught with their hand in the cookie jar having direct contact with Briggs and his agent trying to force a trade to the 49ers when he was holding out.

    Good try with the non stop Lion bashing. Its kind of fun reading your concrete opinion on something you only have part of the facts right in.

  6. Lived in CA all my life im 32 now and never been to Michigan, but travel for past 17 years with my bro to a game somewhere in country and saw them live in Tampa stop the road losing streak. Love being a lions fan and love the haters!!! Restore the Roar Suh is a beast!!! If you want on the bandwagon hurry cause last year it almost filled up already!!!

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