Touchbacks, wedge rule changes likely out of latest kickoff proposal


We mentioned on Monday that coaches were not happy with the proposed rule changes to kickoffs, and that a “tweaked” proposal would ultimately be presented for voting on Tuesday.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, who is a competition committee member, indicated Tuesday what those tweaks would be.  Via the official Bengals Twitter account:

1. The proposed change to touchbacks will be taken out of the proposal.  So touchbacks will still be returned to the 20-yard line.

2. Eliminating the two-man wedge would be taken out of the proposal.  The wedge would still be allowed.

(It’s worth noting that Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes Lewis “hinted” at the changes rather than declaring them outright.)

Essentially, the new proposal will be to move kickoffs to the 35-yard line.  In addition, every member of the kickoff team would have to line up between the 30- and 35-yard line before the kick to reduce a running start.

Lewis, who supports the changes, indicated that even this tweaked proposal may struggle to pass.

9 responses to “Touchbacks, wedge rule changes likely out of latest kickoff proposal

  1. IMO the QB is only one of two positions in the nfl where you cant keep a disgruntled employee. The other position is the head coach.

    This will back fire if they dont get rid of him and Palmer knows it.

  2. this is not what the fans want. you will see more contact in College Football these days and the good thing is they don’t play for money

  3. you got it owners will stop at nothing to get there 18 game schedule if they go to a two hand touch league players can play longer. only problem who is going to watch the new two hand touch league. send owners a message and turn off the nfl channel and dont buy tickets, they will soon wake up if nfl network looses a big share.

  4. Can you imagine the amount of instant replays there would be for a touch football league?

    “Well Bob, from this angle is looks like Urlacher did get most of his second hand on Peterson’s arm prior to crossing the goal line. Let’s see how it looks from the reverse angle …”


    “The ref is in the replay booth trying to determine if the defender did get both hands on the ball carrier prior to the ball coming loose. If so, he would be down by contact and it would NOT be a fumble …”

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