Mayock: Von Miller’s antitrust involvement won’t hurt draft stock

Talent trumps everything.

Sure, some owners probably don’t love the presence of Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller’s name on the antitrust lawsuit against the NFL.   But the owners aren’t the ones making the final decisions on draft day, and they understand how the labor game is played.

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock confirmed on PFT Live that Miller’s draft stock shouldn’t be hurt whatsoever by his involvement in the antitrust case.  Miller should be a top-ten pick.

“Anybody I’ve talked to could care less,” Mayock said.

You can also catch Mayock’s take on sleeper quarterbacks and Cam Newton in our video player or the full interview on the PFT Live homepage.  Or download the entire show on iTunes.

7 responses to “Mayock: Von Miller’s antitrust involvement won’t hurt draft stock

  1. Listen, I don’t want to be “that guy” but the biggest sign that someone is a moron is the use of the phrase “could care less.” It doesn’t even make sense! If they could care less, then that means they care. Is it that he’s too lazy to add a “n’t” to the end of could, or just too stupid?

  2. @ironhawk….As long as everyone stays within their role, we get along fine. The spellers spell, and the gurus, guru.

  3. Only an idiot would draft/hire a person who has already filed a lawsuit against them. Hello Arizona, Cincinnati, Oakland or Buffalo! Time for the NFL owners to exercise some common sense and quit cutting each other’s throats (especially for unproven talent). It’s no conspiracy, just the exercise of using good judgement.

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