Expect to see more of Tim Tebow soon

If you were thinking that this offseason was sorely lacking in Tebow, then you are in luck.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter of ESPN.com notes that Tim Tebow will be featured in a “blitz” of magazine and print ads for Jockey ads in the coming days.  His autobiography “Through My Eyes” hits the scene on May 24.

“People may say it’s underwear, but everyone wears underwear — it’s not like I’m doing something risque,” Tebow said.  “I wouldn’t do anything that goes against what I stand for. The whole campaign is very classy.”

We really need this lockout to end or we may be reduced to writing posts reviewing the book.

18 responses to “Expect to see more of Tim Tebow soon

  1. a career backup, you heard it here first!!! sorry i dont see all the hype over him. he is just an ok QB, sorry T.T. lovers.

  2. What a waste of advertising dollars….Does Jockey actually think men look at underwear ads? Whether classy or not…..

  3. @joepags

    How could you see all the hype. He hasnt even got a fair chance to start yet. Give the kid a chance people are so quick to apply labels.

  4. Sorry joepags. Wrong-o. Tebow has the intangibles to be be great–if given the chance.
    Marketing needs mystique to create bigger-than-life legends. Tebow has that. No Jockey does not market underwear. They market image and lifestyle.

    Tebow can be as big as Manning for marketing and, again, the intangibles (courage) to be legendary on the field, again, if given the chance.

  5. The guy has started in what 2 or 3 NFL games….
    The guy is quite possibly the greatest player in the history of NCAA football. Can the haters at least give him a year as a starter before they cast judgement on him…..you guys are pathetic.

  6. Tim Tebow’s book will not be as good as QUARTERBACK OF THE FUTURE, and I’m not being facetious. Look at my name. I read novels for a living, and QBF is a cracking good read.

  7. Why so much Tebow hate? The guy hasn’t even gotten a shot yet and everyone of the above “experts” think he is a bust.

  8. All the anti-Tebow backlash in the media is because of his faith. Members of the media think that it’s OK to trash people because they declare their faith (unless of course, it’s a Muslim they’re talking about). Media incites public cynicism by putting down public figures who declare their faith while lionizing as courageous those who come out of the closet or who admit to using drugs during their playing days. Tim Tebow is an awesome guy who had a tremendous college career. If he doesn’t make it as a pro QB he will still be fine in life because of the strength of his character. He was fine college athlete and a fine human being and if he had never said anything at all about his faith, he would be a media darling.

  9. Tim Tebow’s Jockey ad was enough to make my sister and I go into the Jockey outlet to take a picture with it. We then spend money in the store. I have his Jockey picture as my FB profile and all of my female friends love it. Oh, and they are the ones who buy their husbands/sons underwear. Say whatever you want about his football prowress, but he is a marketable icon who can bring in dollars for companies and plenty of publicity with his good looks and great reputation.

  10. clownburger says:
    Mar 25, 2011 10:34 AM
    Actually……not everyone wears underwear.

    Third time’s the charm:

    Oh no. Don’t you see what’s going on here? No boxers, no Jockeys…

    The only thing between him and us is a thin layer of gabardine!

  11. You creampuffs who think Tebow doesn’t have what it takes to be a very good QB must be watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ or something.

    I live in Denver – this kid brings energy, excitement, and winning possibility to this Bronco’s team that hasn’t had that from their QB’s since Elways retirement.


    PLEEEEAAASE! If you think Tebow ISN’T an upgrade – you’re friggin numb.

  12. What the article fails to explain is that the ads are for Jockey’s new line of lockable underwear…

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