Spokesperson says Vick declined invitation to Norfolk gala


In response to a report from WAVY-TV that Eagles quarterback Mike Vick failed to show up for the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association Gala, Vick’s spokesperson says that Vick at no point agreed to attend.

“Mike Vick invited months ago, and he declined,” Chris Shigas told PFT by phone on Sunday afternoon.  “Organizers were clearly well aware that Mike would not be attending the event in Norfolk.”

Shigas said that he personally informed the organizers that Vick would not be attending.

The invitation came from the other honoree, attorney Carl C. La Mondue.  Shigas said that Vick knows La Mondue, but that Vick had no prior dealings with the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association.

The invitation to the event, posted online, makes it clear that Vick will be present for the group’s 1st Black Tie Honors Gala.

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  1. “PFT is always ripping on Vick to get the traffic directed to this site when they’re missing facts. I agree with crubenst, if you were giving him the benefit of the doubt, you would have waited until you actually gathered some facts, you know, like a real journalist should do. I generally like this site but I can’t stand this kind of stuff.

    Journalism these days is about who gets the word out there first, not necessarily who’s right or wrong. Because journalists always have their handy-dandy sources to blame for bad information. It’s a shame” -terrellblowens

  2. I’m really kind of sad to read posts like this about Michael Vick, as I think he has tried to make something more productive of himself. Unfortunately for him, he painted the target on his own back, and others will always take a shot at it.

  3. Articles about free agent moves would be so much more fun to read…too bad the morons on both sides can’t find a way

  4. Somehow I doubt this will change anyones opinion about mike Vick, so I don’t know why these things keep making PFT.
    Those who all ready hate him will still hate him.
    Those who overlook his faults and love him will continue to do so, even if he never attends an eventheld by a Virginia arts association.

    Enough of these articles, please.

  5. This is a non-story, but NO chance to bash Vick should be missed. I hope he declines to imitate a quarterback this year.

  6. Looks like mistaken identity…according to the invitation on the link, they were expecting “4 time All-Pro” Quarterback Mike Vick….Vick has NEVER been an “All-Pro”…but he has been to 4 “Pro-Bowls”…obviously we are talking about 2 different people…seriously, i think that if Vick was involved in the function from the get-go, his people would have corrected that mistake…

  7. I would say he should fire the person responsible for all this confusion, but everyone deserves a second chance, right?

  8. featured honorees does not mean the featured guests AS ‘honorees’. It’s a fine line I think, but only a lawyer could argue it one way or the other, so what’s new? When a lawyer takes viagra he only gets taller I’m afraid.

  9. bring on the “vick is a monster” posts. these guys should really get proof that they canceled from now on. this is like the third one i heard about in two weeks.

  10. Seriously you people dont get it do you? Saying little one liners like “Vick is a dirtbag” only makes you look bad and completely ruins your crediability and lables you as nothing more then a hater who doesn’t think logicly. Your not wrong to feel how you feel. Nobody is telling you that you HAVE TO root for the guy although anyone who doesnt like rooting for the positives and wants to turn everything into a negative have their own charactor issues but whatever. But to actually bash and attack someone? The only reason people speak out on this is because they are insecure and not comfortable with who they are. Lets just all pray for each other! It states in the bible that if you don’t forgive others then you wont be forgiven!!!

  11. All these groups keeping using Vick as an excuse to get publicity. And you keep giving them exactly what they want. They say Vick is going to be there which makes more people come. Then when he doesnt show up like they knew he wasnt going to they get the story out that he blew off the engagement. That way they cant be blamed for telling everyone he was going to be there and to get publicity from all the gullable news and internet sites that run the story.

    Go back and re read your own stories you named the group that he suposedly stiffed in every story. You think thats by accident? No they knew sites like yours would and thats why they did it.

  12. Stop persecuting the guy. He did his time, let him live his life. If he screws up again, then people can point the finger at him. Just remember when you point your finger at someone there are four more fingers pointing back at yourself.

  13. Nobody really cares who shows up for a high society gala. They are just trying to make themselves look more important than they really are. It’s a sad life those society freaks live.

  14. hey lets be honest… its news… he was invited he never said he would come and they made a big deal about it.. Its totally news…(Pfffhhhhh, I care) Call my gf and ask her how many times she has to remind me about things we have to do.

  15. When he received the invite to the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association Gala, Mike asked “Art who?”.

  16. Lunarpie…
    how many fingers do you have? How many thumbs?

    All the Vick hating Negative Nancy’s riddle me this…
    Can Mike Vick redeem himself in your eyes?
    Besides serving his prison term, staying out of trouble, continued charitable donations/events (yeah, he’s missed a few but how many more are you ignoring that he has been involved with?) and keeping a low profile in the media.
    What do you ‘glass house’ living clowns want from this man?

    I never, ever cared for Vick.
    Loved when the Eagles shadowed him w/Hugh Douglas to knock the Falcons out of the playoffs that year.
    Was happy the courts took his criminal animal treatment as seriously as they did.
    But guess what? I’m finished with the hate/negativity.

    I hope he keeps getting better on and off the field, gets another huge contract and smiles more and more to shut the damn haters up.

    And that’s Calmin’ Knowledge, fool!

  17. Hero’s like Vick don’t have time to go to galas. They’re busy putting their life on the line to protect people.

  18. when the whole vick thing all went down. nobody hated him more than i did. the stuff he did was unbelievable. but come on man, its in the past and you cant make this dude pay for that for the rest of his life.

    im not sayin u got to like him. but you dont have to say, hes a dirtbag and all that everytime u get a chance. im not one of those people that would back him no matter what he does, i know some r like that. i just think he did his time and he deserves a second chance at normal life. again, i am not sayin i have a problem if u hate the guy, i just dont see why the dirtbag\scumbag comments are necassary

  19. Mike Vick doesnt strike me as a Gala type guy. Maybe a charity sporting event or some sort of charity lunch. I just cant see him in a penguin suit sipping wine with a bunch of stuck up art types

  20. dkeyser says: Mar 27, 2011 8:56 PM

    Mike Vick doesnt strike me as a Gala type guy. Maybe a charity sporting event or some sort of charity lunch. I just cant see him in a penguin suit sipping wine with a bunch of stuck up art types
    I believe the restaurant he had or was going to have in Alt was pretty high class.
    Vick seems to have the single worst PR/scheduling team ever. Maybe Tony Dungy should recommend some more responsible PR people to him.

  21. I would be surprised if Vick accepts ANY invitation from anything in Virginia, except perhaps talking to schools, prisons and the Humane Society.

    If I were Vick, the United Stated would consist of 49 states. I would refuse to accept a Virginia layover.

  22. Unless there is a “written” invite and a “written” acceptance, there is NO communication as far as I’m concerned. These guys usually have ONE person who speaks for them or accepts appearances. The problem comes about from not talking to that person.

  23. I think it’s downright awful that all of these places that Michael was supposedly supposed to be at, are all saying that he doesn’t show up.

    This is an obvious conspiracy by all of these events that say that Michael was supposed to be there, when he wasn’t. They all just want to make Michael look bad.

    It’s NOT Michael’s fault!!!!!

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