Bengals, Dolphins line up visits with Ryan Mallett

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet has lined up a couple of pre-draft visits with teams that have question marks at quarterback.

ESPN’s James Walker reports that Mallett will hold a private workout with the Dolphins on Tuesday in Arkansas,and that he’ll also visit Miami April 14-15. Between those two appointments with the Dolphins, Mallett has a workout in Cincinnati with the Bengals at the end of this week.

Both the Bengals and the Dolphins could have a need at quarterback in the draft. With the Bengals, it’s not clear whether Carson Palmer is willing to return to Cincinnati. With the Dolphins, it’s not clear whether they want Chad Henne to return to Miami.

Mallett has an outstanding arm, but he’s awkward on his feet and there are questions about his mental makeup. It would be shocking if the Bengals are considering Mallett at No. 4 overall, and it’s probably more likely that Cincinnati is hoping the reports that Mallett will fall out of the first round prove true.

8 responses to “Bengals, Dolphins line up visits with Ryan Mallett

  1. Ha ha @Mallett at #4. No chance.

    I can’t believe the Dolphins are looking QB in a crappy QB draft. They should be drafting help for Henne, not looking for his replacement. He is not that bad, and is still young and has a chance to be good.

  2. “it’s not clear whether Carson Palmer is willing to return to Cincinnati”


    What is unclear about Palmer’s recent statement “I will never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again”?

  3. ———————————
    likely that Cincinnati is hoping the reports that Mallett will fall out of the first round prove true.

    Why would they hope for that?They are running the WCO where a mobile QB who is accurate on short to medium throws is much more then Brylon Leftiwhich/Jamarcus Russel 3.0.

  4. Mallett is less risky than the Performance Enhanced Newt. Smarter as well, according to the Wonderlic scores.

  5. Maybe the team scouts don’t have the same opinion of Mallet as the draft “experts” who post articles about all of Mallet’s supposed problems..this article couldn’t just report the facts of the visits without adding the derogatory comments about some alleged mental issues and awkwardness… Perhaps the scouts themselves have watched Mallet throw the ball and even watched his last two years in the SEC…

  6. Why are the Bengals looking at a QB. They already have one that doesn’t want to play there but won’t release or trade him.

    The Fin’s should wait until the second or third round and get Kapernick if Denver doesn’t take him sooner.

    Mallet is not the answer for either one.

  7. in addition to bengals and the dolphins, the latter of which travel to fayetteville tommorow to look at ryan and dj williams , mallett has a panthers playbook and a follow up work out, (they’ve allready seen in both at fayetteville and thir carolina facillity) he has private work outs set with the vikings, 49’ers, seattle, and tennessee.

    yeah this kids gotten second round written all over him i quess all these teams are planing on trading down. you know if you online hacks would actually watch some film you’d see what the actuall people who make their living working in the nfl see. mallett has an eye popping release at nearly 10 feet above the playing surface unbelievable velocity at nearly 60 mph he played in a true pro style offense and as for being immobile took only 2 more sacs than cam newton last year he had 5 recievers with 600 yards or more last season find me an NFL equalivant.

    gabbert opposite problem great hair but he doesnt show up on film.

    and as for the caracter problems they begin and end at tom condon’s office door

  8. As a life-long Dolphins fan, taking Ryan Mallett, even at 15 (although I hope they can trade back, get a 2nd and still get Mallett), could be exactly what this team needs. Force Henne to win the job in camp and if he can’t he can be a decent back-up. Groom Mallett for the future. Shore up the O-line. Plenty of RBs will be available and a speed receiver is easy enough to find.

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