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Police expect to announce whether Talib is charged later this week

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Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib is a “person of interest” in a wild March 21 shooting that involved his mother, sister, and his sister’s boyfriend.

A spokesman for the Garland, Texas police department expects to know whether Talib will be charged later this week.

“This is still an open case,” Joe Harn told Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times.   “Once the detectives have decided, probably later this week, if there are charges that need to be brought against him or not, because of the high-profile interest in this case, we’ll have an announcement.”

The same paper reached Bucs coach Raheem Morris at a charity event on Monday, but Morris did not want to comment.  Talib’s agent is also remaining mum.

According to the police report filed, Talib was accused of trying to pistol whip his sister’s boyfriend Shannon Billings.  After a skirmish started, Talib’s mother and Talib are accused of taking turns firing a gun at Billings.

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28 Responses to “Police expect to announce whether Talib is charged later this week”
  1. skins1976 says: Mar 28, 2011 5:07 PM

    Sounds like they were shooting blanks anyway. I mean 5 shots and none landed? Just sayin’

  2. Richard Dickson says: Mar 28, 2011 5:09 PM

    I had Talib’s back over the cab driver incident — too many things made it seem like the driver was angling for a big payday — but this? I’m done defending him. We need to close the book on him and Tanard Jackson and be done with this kind of crap.

  3. thenewenglandpatriots12 says: Mar 28, 2011 5:15 PM

    And with the 20th selection in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select . . . Jimmy Smith, Cornerback, Colarado.

  4. jakeblues68 says: Mar 28, 2011 5:17 PM

    Nice family.

  5. saberstud75 says: Mar 28, 2011 5:21 PM

    With all the arrests and lawsuits brought against the players during the lockout the NFLPA* is sure to have a strong agruement for more money in the CBA “partnership.”

  6. hobartbaker says: Mar 28, 2011 5:25 PM

    After due consideration, Shannon Billings decided that he did want to marry Ms. Talib after all.

  7. thegonz13 says: Mar 28, 2011 6:19 PM

    Keep the shooting all in the family, right Aqib?

    Another bonehead whose trangressions can be added to an already long list!

  8. august1969 says: Mar 28, 2011 6:58 PM

    Sweet genes

  9. donttouchthedirtypenny says: Mar 28, 2011 7:08 PM

    Like mother like son. Beautiful family story.

  10. waitingguilty says: Mar 28, 2011 8:05 PM

    Watch out Aquib….I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber….didn’t want to do it….felt I OWED it to them…..How ’bout a Fresca? mmm?

  11. txchief says: Mar 28, 2011 8:09 PM

    Turd alert! At least Turlib is consistent!

  12. upperdecker19 says: Mar 28, 2011 8:11 PM

    A family that shoots together, stays together.

  13. bigd88 says: Mar 28, 2011 8:14 PM

    Funny how this doesn’t even generate 1/10th the amount of posts that news about Dez Bryant’s pants does.

  14. bucsballer says: Mar 28, 2011 8:36 PM

    Tampa I love this guy…….but dump him and t-Jack. This is terrible what is this the 7th crime with a bucs player this year. We needa draft a corner……..NOW

  15. steelertom says: Mar 28, 2011 8:49 PM


  16. rcali says: Mar 28, 2011 9:09 PM

    Bring in Tony Dungy! Since Vick is “reformed” he should be done babysitting him, right?

  17. motorcitydiddy says: Mar 28, 2011 9:10 PM

    Include in the story that the boyfriend is also a first cousin and you’ve got a typical Friday night in Arkansas

  18. Cowboys-Forum says: Mar 28, 2011 9:21 PM

    This kid had issues coming out of College, i am so glad he doesnt wear the Star.

  19. sethb222 says: Mar 28, 2011 9:29 PM

    The real question that needs to be answered is what the heck did this dude do to have a mother/son tandem shoot at him. He must of did some cruddy s**t!

  20. abninf says: Mar 28, 2011 9:54 PM

    In defense of Talib and his momma, they just got done drinking some purple drank and smoking a few bowls together beforehand, so they can’t be expected to have been able to make good decisions.

  21. calminknowledge says: Mar 28, 2011 10:04 PM

    First, how fast/quick/elusive is this boyfriend of miss Talib?
    Either the Talib’s should do a little target practice/adjust their glasses/buy a shotgun…
    some NFL scouts need to find out who this Shannon Billings is!!

    Also, is he still her bf? Is he CRAZY?!!

  22. hendersonshane says: Mar 28, 2011 10:04 PM

    Wasted talent

  23. cidman2001 says: Mar 28, 2011 10:51 PM

    “The real question that needs to be answered is what the heck did this dude do to have a mother/son tandem shoot at him. He must of did some cruddy s**t!”

    Right on, it sounds like that guy wronged his sister in some way. Maybe a little “shake up” was in order. I bet Shannon was shi**ing himself! I’ll hold off judgement on that one until/if we hear all the details….

  24. johnster67 says: Mar 28, 2011 10:52 PM

    I guess my sons football from the NFL Experience this year is about worthless now, since it has his autograph, huh?

  25. iced107 says: Mar 29, 2011 12:12 AM

    if my sister’s boyfriend’s name was shannon i’d probably pistol whip him too

  26. db105 says: Mar 29, 2011 4:39 AM

    Hate to say it but nature will eventually take its course.

  27. childressrulz says: Mar 29, 2011 4:40 AM

    Sounds like another POS with a skanky trailer trash mother and sister.

  28. stonedwhitetrash says: Mar 29, 2011 6:41 AM

    Talib is a NASCAR fan and could not let someone date his favorite sister. Also everyone is armed in Texas.

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