Adrian Clayborn accepts invite to NFL Draft

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When Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn got his invitation to the NFL Draft over the weekend, he wasn’t sure what to do.

Decisions decisions!” he wrote on Twitter.

Now that the NFLPA* has announced they won’t hold a competing event during the draft, Clayborn has decided what he wants to do.

“Accepted my invite to the draft this morning!” Clayborn wrote Tuesday.   “Exciting stuff. Alot of work to put in before then tho.”

Clayborn, who was a guest recently on PFT Live, is projected to go towards the end of the first round or possibly the beginning of the second round.

Clayborn is the first prospect to announce he’s accepted his invitation to Radio City Music Hall.

3 responses to “Adrian Clayborn accepts invite to NFL Draft

  1. Clayborn gets his moment in the sun. Or maybe a few hours. Or maybe he has to decide whether to sleep over in the Green Room or go back to his motel.

  2. The players want to go do the draft, that is the only reason the NFLPA* is claiming they aren’t trying to establish a draft boycott, cause they felt the players out and the players don’t want to be a part of their poorly thought out and disingenuous plan. The NFLPA* is incompetent, stupid, and transparent in their weak ill-effective ploys to gain leverage.

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