Johnny Jolly denied bond, still in jail


Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly, who was arrested last week for felony possession of codeine, is still in jail in Houston.

A Harris County judge rejected Jolly’s request for bond, which means he’ll remain in jail until his scheduled appearance in court on Wednesday at the earliest.

Last week’s arrest was Jolly’s second for possession of codeine. He was able to enter a diversion program after the first arrest, allowing him to avoid being prosecuted, but the prosecutor in the case told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that last week’s arrest will be considered a violation of that agreement.

Jolly was suspended for the entire 2010 season because of the previous case, and he has not been reinstated yet. Although Packers coach Mike McCarthy has said Jolly is in the team’s plans, it seems awfully unlikely that we’ll see Jolly in an NFL uniform in 2011.

22 responses to “Johnny Jolly denied bond, still in jail

  1. Good for the Judge. Based on his action thats were Jolly wants to be, he has been trying to get there since he came into the NFL. It will give him time to rethink things.

  2. He is the Poster child for NFL turd….If he turns his life around, good for him, if he falls by the wayside….Who cares…..

  3. I can’t understand why this guy would be in ANY teams’ plans. Present or future. He wasn’t all that great when he did play, and now it looks like he won’t be doing much of anything except waiting for his sentence to expire…

  4. What, the salary from the NFL wasn’t enough for ya JJ?

    You’ve dug your own grave on this one pal, send us a postcard from prison once in a while….(NOT).

  5. Wallyballz is partially correct. Jolly was not suspended indefinetly because of the 1st codeine arrest in Houston, he was suspended by the NFL for failing multiple drug tests during the year preceeding his first arrest.

    Not only will Jolly not be reinstated by the commissioner, he is now facing up to 20 years in prison.

  6. Hard to believe that Johnny Jolly is denied bond as Dez Bryant is allowed to roam malls in spite of his dangerously anti-social droopy drawers.

  7. Boy, the players sure are taking advantage of the lockout: No rules, no suspensions, no discipline.

    We have had a ton of arrests lately.

  8. Why are we still talking about this nobody? That being said, I have serious doubts on whether or not TT will cut this clown. As long as he is suspended, the packers owe him nothing. Based on his prior on the field performance, I could easily see TT sitting on this goon to see if he ever gets his sh!t together and becomes worth a damn.

  9. Well … looks like we’ll just have to win the Super Bowl without him.

    Oops! … Done That!

  10. mccarthys’ statement about jolly being in the packers plans was made before this dumb-ass got arrested, again. i’m sure tt and mm are ready to move on without this clown.

  11. @ arnoldziffel …

    Yep. They also won the Super Bowl without 15 other players who were injured. The Packers are the deepest talented team in the NFL, bar none. Who had two picks against Matty Ice? Tramon Williams. Who had two picks in the NFC title game? Sam Shields. Who had a pick in the Super Bowl? Jarrett Bush.

    Case closed.

  12. Funny.. i like this story..

    but mike vick is still the worst guy in the league. quit trying to take my man’s glory.

  13. Another dumb ass in the NFL. We are the Super Bowl Champs and do not need an idiot like Jolly on the Packers roster. The NFL should get rid of all these idiots that do all these stupid things off the field. They get alot of money and then think they can do anything they want. Get rid of them!

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