PFT Live: Julio Jones and Nolan Nawrocki join the program

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We’ve got a couple newsmakers on Thursday’s PFT Live.

Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones, who many now believe could be the first receiver drafted in April, joins Florio to talk about the pre-draft process.

Also on the program: PFW’s Nolan Nawrocki.   We’ll hear about the draft in general, and it’s safe to say Nawrocki’s harsh view of Cam Newton will be a topic.  (Possibly the only topic.)

Watch the show live at noon ET.

2 responses to “PFT Live: Julio Jones and Nolan Nawrocki join the program

  1. Nawrocki is bang on about Newton. I don’t find anything controversial about his assessment. Remember that report also listed all of Newt’s positives. If anything the guy was being overly generous in his writeup.

  2. His report may have been considered accurate if he even bothered to conduct an interview or at least be present when one was conducted. I believe the controversy is what appears to be more of a personal attack on a person he has never met than his professional assessment of a potential draft pick.

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