LeSean McCoy autograph controversy lingers

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Last weekend, the lockout wasteland of pro football stories was filled momentarily by a couple of reports regarding Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, an autograph session, and his failure to show up for it.

McCoy’s brother, LeRon, ultimately told Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News that an advance paid to LeSean was “ready to be returned.”

Now, Domowitch reports that the money still hasn’t been returned.  A lawyer has sent a demand letter seeking the return of the money.

Our guess is that McCoy and company are waiting to return the money until they get assurances that the matter will be over once the money is returned.  Indeed, LeRon McCoy told Domowitch last weekend that they delayed refunding the money because they feared that the restaurant and nightclub that organized the event would sue in an effort to “get more money than they sent.”

But LeRon is overlooking the fact that the restaurant and nightclub has the right to seek more than what they’ve paid to McCoy.  Any actual, incidental, and consequential losses suffered can be recovered via the legal system for McCoy’s breach of the contract between the parties.

Thus, McCoy’s best play would be to negotiate a full and complete settlement that entails something more than simply paying back the money that he received.  Until he does, the harm to McCoy’s image and reputation will continue.

22 responses to “LeSean McCoy autograph controversy lingers

  1. It’s the Eagles. What would you expect? The organizers were fools and deserve to lose their money. It’s the Eagles.

  2. Like I said. These players have never learned accountability.
    Damn, when will these spoiled brats take ownership of their actions?

  3. Why exactly are the majority of NFL players royal douche bags? Seriously, just sign some damn autographs and make some money. If not, return the money and then a little extra for the facility looking like a bunch of idiots to their customers.

  4. LeRon learned these negotiation tactics at the Harvard School of the Hood.McCoy would =be better off getting professional people handle his affairs and thereby making real money. Give LeRon his $100 k per year and call it even.

  5. Is he taking his cues from Vick? Who in the world would want these jerks autographs anyway? They need to get over themselves. And the fans that are fawning after them need to get a life.

  6. the only reason its lingering is because youre keeping it alive, pft. damn it, just leave philly alone. every team has players like this, why are you highlighting the philly ones specifically??

  7. In other news…criminal LeSean MCcoy joins Father of the year Andy Reid, dog killer Michael Vick, and the recent arrests of King Dunlap and Jason Peters.

  8. Now why was this comment censored? Omniscient means “all-knowing.” What other word could you possibly have found offensive? If you don’t think this guy has an obsessive hatred of athletes, maybe you should spend more time nitpicking over his posts instead of mine. 🙄

    @iknowfootballandyoudont …

    Yes, yes … you are omniscient when it comes to NFL players 🙄 The fact that LeSean McCoy is irresponsible has nothing to do with the other 1700 players in the league … anymore than your obsessive hatred of professional athletes should reflect on the other people who support the owners for business reasons.

  9. funny you try and post the name of the writer of this story and automatically deletes the post America what a country!!!!!

  10. mccoy seems like a nice kid, i bet this is his brothers fault. i understand when these nfl players want to hook their friedn or brother up with a job but when they mess up you gotta move on.

  11. i get when people talk about talib, dez bryant, or vick. but with this one, mccoy is not a bad dude. unorganized, maybe spoiled, i can see that. but he made a mistake. im sure these people will get their $$ back. and i am sure this is mccoys brothers fault. and the 5 people on earth that talk about andy reid as a father: cheer up man, life will get better for u.

  12. krow101 and others:

    Are you guys idiots? Its the Eagles? As if the Eagles are a dirty team? Hahahahaha. Id argue that the Eagles are probably one of the classiest teams in the league. Coach never sells out he players after a tough loss, players rarely give bulletin board material to an opponent, etc… You look at Pittsburgh, Dallas, Bengals, New York (both teams), Titans, I can name a bunch of teams that have less class cred then the Eagles. So your “Its The Eagles what did you expect” holds no merit!!!

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